Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Original Soundtrack

シアトリズム ドラゴンクエスト オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateMarch 26, 2015
ComposersKoichi Sugiyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySquare Enix
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsTheatrhythm Dragon Quest


01. Title Screen (Overture I)
02. Challenge (Prophecy (II))
03. Settings Menu (Intermezzo I)
04. DLC Menu (Arms Merchant Torneko (IV))
05. Help Menu (Peaceful Village (I))
06. Main Menu (In a Town (IV))
07. Streetpass (Busy City Streets (II))
08. Museum (In a Town (Night) (IV))
09. Results (Mysterious Shrine (IV))
10. Name Entry (Intermezzo IV)
11. Prologue (Prologue (III))
12. Bar (Boogie-Woogie In The Bar (III)
13. Casino (Rolling Dice)
14. Results (Royal Palace (II))
15. BMS Tutorial – Battle Theme (III)
16. EMS Tutorial – Friendship (II)
17. FMS Tutorial – Moving Through the Present (VII)

01. Chateau Radatome (I)
02. Unknown World (I)
03. Dark Dungeon (I)
04. Battle (I)
05. Finale (I)
06. The Dragonlord (I)
07. Dead or Alive (II)
08. Love Song (II)
09. Distant Journey (II)
10. Deathfight (II)
11. Endless World (II)
12. My Road, My Journey (II)
13. Underground (II)
14. Hero’s Challenge (III)
15. And Into the Legend…(III)
16. Heavenly Flight (III)
17. Pyramid (III)
18. Adventure (III)
19. Battle (III)
20. Castle Rondo (III)

01. Homeland (IV)
02. Finale (IV)
03. Incarnation of Evil (IV)
04. Cursed Towers (IV)
05. Gypsy’s Dance (IV)
06. Battle for the Glory (IV)
07. Violent Enemies (V)
08. Towards the Horizon (V)
09. Demon Combat (V)
10. Great Satan (V)
11. Tower of Death (V)
12. Bridal Waltz (V)
13. Through the Fields (VI)
14. In a Town (VI)
15. Monsters (VI)
16. Demon Combat (VI)
17. Courageous Fight (VI)
18. Eternal Lullaby (VI)

01. Fighting Spirit (VII)
02. A Light Gait (VII)
03. Triumphant Return / Epilogue (VII)
04. Aboard Ship (VII)
05. World of the Strong (VII)
06. Orgo Demila (VII)
07. Raising the War Cry (VIII)
08. Great Battle in the Vast Sky (VIII)
09. At the Center of the Dark Road (VIII)
10. The Sky, The Ocean and The Earth (VIII)
11. To a Vast World (VIII)
12. Dormaguez (VIII)
13. Pub Polka (IX)
14. Build-up to Victory (IX)
15. Hills and Meadows (IX)
16. Toward the Starry Sky (IX)
17. Final Battle (IX)
18. The Time of the Decisive Battle (IX)
19. Battle with the Spirit Most Evil (X)
20. Clashing Edges (X)
21. Racing Heart
22. With All One’s Might (X)
23. Overture (X)

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