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NieR:Orchestra Concert 12018

NieR Orchestra Concert 12018(特典なし) [Blu-ray]

Release DateFeb 27, 2019
ComposersKeiichi Okabe
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Live Event, Blu-ray rip
Published bySquare Enix Music
PlatformsPCPlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360
ProductsNierNier: Automata


01Snow in Summer5:25
02Emil’s Words – Song of the Ancients6:40
03Hills of Radiant Winds4:06
04Emil’s Words – Emil5:55
05Gods Bound by Rules5:00
06The Wretched Automatons5:38
07Emil’s Words – Grandma5:56
09Ashes of Dreams4:25
10Emil’s Words – Kainé (Emi Evans Vocals)5:26
11City Ruins5:49
122B’s Words – Amusement Park5:48
13A Beautiful Song4:44
14Alien Manifestation4:50
152B’s Words – The Tower7:44
16Dependent Weakling4:13
17Bipolar Nightmare4:34
182B’s Words – Mourning6:42
19The Sound of the End5:20
202B’s Words – Weight of the World (J’Nique Nicole Vocals)8:26
21Emil & 2B’s Words – The Dark Colossus Destroys All7:22
22Kainé (Emi Evans Vocals)3:38
23Weight of the World (J’Nique Nicole Vocals)5:54

Disc length 128:56


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