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Fallout 76 Original Game Score

Fallout 76 Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateNov 16, 2018
ComposersInon Zur
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byBethesda Softworks
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsFallout 76


01Main Theme2:40
02Reclamation Day2:34
03You Must Rebuild4:17
04Invisible Ghosts4:29
05Find Me There4:40
06The Mole Miners2:28
08You Can’t Hide Forever2:25
09Wandering Appalachia – Part I7:45
10Burn Away the Mist3:37
11The Wind and the Reeds4:20
12The Savage Divide4:10
14Pest Control1:11
15Facing Myths1:49
16Wandering Appalachia – Part II10:18
17Gather Around the C.a.M.P. Fire4:20
18The Grafton Damned4:34
19Out There in Appalachia4:03
20The Power Plant2:32
21We Are One…1:14
22This Is Your Death1:43
23Wandering Appalachia – Part III10:30
24Lit Only by the Stars4:13
26The Excavator4:21
28We Hold the Line Here2:14
29Wandering Appalachia – Part IV11:21
30Nightfall in the Mire3:57
31A Light up Ahead4:39
32Crags and Cliffs4:04
33Landscape Lament4:18
34Hesitation Is Discouraged2:20
35Wandering in Appalachia – Part V9:03
36Ash Heap Lullaby4:23
37Three Minutes2:52
38Scorched Earth2:13
39Wandering Appalachia – Part VI11:07
40Our Way of Life Will Endure4:28

Disc length 171:34

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