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FINAL FANTASY V Original Soundtrack Revival Disc

Release DateJan 16, 2019
ComposersNobuo Uematsu
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Remaster
Published bySquare Enix Music
PlatformsSNES (Super Famicom)
ProductsFinal Fantasy V


01Main Theme of Final Fantasy V2:37
02Opening Theme4:32
03Four Hearts1:45
04Hurry! Hurry!0:46
05Reina’s Theme1:59
07Battle 11:16
08Victory Fanfare0:45
10Pirates Ahoy2:09
11Town Theme2:21
12Good Night0:09
13Sealed Away1:50
14Cursed Lands1:56
17To the North Mountain1:59
18Close Call1:25
19Battle 22:31
20Spreading Grand Wings1:51
21Royal Palace1:41
22Fire Ship1:42
23Run !0:52
24Sorrows of Parting2:38
25Library of Ancients2:37
27Musica Machina1:51
28The Day Will Come1:55
29What ?0:56
30Mambo de Chocobo1:14
31Home, sweet Home2:43
32Music Box1:52
33The Airship2:05
34The Evil Lord X-Death2:27
35X-death’s Castle2:23
36The Dawn Warriors2:17
37Battle at the Big Bridge2:31
38Unknown Lands2:25
39Moogles’ Theme1:30
40The Castle of Dawn2:05
41Beyond the Deep Blue Sea1:47
42Legend of the Deep Forest2:38
43Tycoon Waltz2:18
44Boko’s Theme1:16
45A New World2:16
46Sealed Book1:50
47Slumber of Ancient Earth2:30
48Prelude to the Void3:58
49In Search of Light1:41
50The Decisive Battle4:28
51The Final Battle4:04
52The Silent Beyond5:43
53Dear Friends4:03
54Final Fantasy3:35
55Ending Theme8:16
56The Prelude1:44
57Fanfare 10:11
58Fanfare 20:14
59I’m a Dancer0:20
60Piano Lesson 10:14
61Piano Lesson 20:16
62Piano Lesson 30:16
63Piano Lesson 40:30
64Piano Lesson 50:11
65Piano Lesson 60:12
66Piano Lesson 70:13
67Piano Lesson 80:24

Disc length 130:30


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