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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Original Soundtrack

Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack
ファイアーエムブレム 蒼炎の軌跡 オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateMar 04, 2015
ComposersYoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko, Kanako Teramae, Saki Haruyama, Naoko Mitome, Atsushi Yoshida
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySymphony No.5 / Tablier Communications
PlatformsNintendo GameCube
ProductsFire Emblem: Path of Radiance


01Ike’s Resolution5:09
02Like Father, Like Son2:02
03The First Fight2:03
04A Battle and a Beginning2:10
05Greil’s Mercenaries5:08
06Change of Scenery4:50
07Crimea Army Sortie6:50
08Congregation of Ambition5:40
09Victory is Near2:19
10Side Battle2:39
12Decisive Attack1:20
13Defensive Battle1:23
14Enemy Strength Draws Near2:05
15Holding Your Own2:01
16A Mighty Foe1:46

Disc length 48:55

01Against the Dark Knight1:52
02To Challenge Ashnard2:04
03Moving Up1:22
05The Enemy Approaches2:25
06Move Out!2:35
07Victory United3:07
08Bittersweet Victory2:31
09Wonderful Pirates1:21
10Powerhungry Fool3:41
11A Grave Fate3:13
12A World of Sorrow3:33
13With Us!1:56
15Abominable Memory3:13
16The White Heron4:22
17Quiet Days2:38

Disc length 44:18

01His Father’s Son3:16
02Father’s Back4:17
03Rally the Spirit3:19
04Memory of Mom3:12
05Enemy Shadows Materialize4:17
06Beautiful Princess Erincia2:56
07Dreaming of Home2:26
08Messenger of the Goddess6:22
09Lion King Caineghis4:57
10Courageous General King5:15
11Black Wings2:36
12A Trusted Ruler4:02
13To My Love4:58
14Painful wish3:37
15The Dark Knight2:12
16Stratagem in Black Armor3:58
17Burning Ambition3:26

Disc length 65:06

01To the Limits of Ambition2:45
02March Forward!3:08
03Unopposable Fate2:46
04Puzzling Truth2:38
05For Victory2:55
06Rising Morale2:07
07Young Warriors2:14
08Requiem for the Fallen0:36
09A Fallen Comrade1:17
10Final Farewell2:33
11After the War4:44
12Eternal Glory7:24
13Life Returns3:33
14The Theme of Fire Emblem6:14

Disc length 44:54

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