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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Original Soundtrack

Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami Original Soundtrack
ファイアーエムブレム 暁の女神 オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateMar 04, 2015
ComposersYoshito Hirano, Chika Sekigawa, Naoto Miyatake, Naoko Mitome, Saki Kasuga, Yuka Tsujiyoko, Kanako Teramae, Atsushi Yoshida
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySymphony No.5 / Tablier Communications
PlatformsNintendo Wii
ProductsFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


01Fire Emblem Theme2:29
02Echoes of Daybreak4:21
04Dark Traveler3:51
05Bearer of Hope3:37
06A Gathering of Storms4:56
07Proud Flight3:18
08Eternal Bond4:54
10Hymn of the Righteous3:48
11Road of Sorrow3:56
12Unending Task5:51
13A Grasping Truth9:09
14Dawn Brigade1:32
16On Glory’s Wings1:05
17The Devoted2:05
18Time of Action1:58
19Finale in Fear3:32
20Waves of Discord1:08
21To War2:19

Disc length 74:00

02Embodiment of Change2:14
03Battle of Pride2:43
04Stalking Menace2:52
05Ideals Clash1:35
06The Strong3:18
07Wisdom of Ages3:41
08Origin’s End2:21
09Beauty is a Mad Mistress2:04
10Unstoppable Destiny2:27
11King of the Sky2:27
12Wheeling Corby2:20
13March of the Lion King2:44
14The Pledge1:48
15Threat of War3:03
18Battle is Joined2:10
19At Peace3:58
20Divine Tranquility3:55
21Eyes of Rage2:31
22Cats at Play2:16

Disc length 56:55

01Morale Fades2:29
02Revelation at Dawn3:01
03Sorrowful Prince Pelleas2:54
04The Mind of Izuka2:57
05Stalwarts Unite2:31
06In My Hands2:53
07Aesthetics of Deprivation3:21
08No Word for Defeat3:16
09Goddess of Dawn3:57
10The Goddess Wakes2:47
11Divine Healing2:56
12Zealot’s Prayer3:13
13The Goddess’ Rebuke1:55
14Ashera the Creator4:41
15Child of Choas4:22
16Micaiah’s Dawn3:14
17Empress Sanaki7:05
18Zelgius the Brave3:45
19Oliver’s Fall3:49
20Queen Elincia3:30
21Caineghis, King of Lions5:26
22Skrimir’s Pride4:11

Disc length 78:13

01Tranquility of Goldoa2:57
02The Black Knight Lives2:22
03Sephiran’s Sorrow4:11
04Darkness Eternal4:04
05Rafiel’s Aria2:14
06Repose of Souls4:10
08Neutiquam Erro2:52
09Urgency Drives Us3:01
10Uncharted Fates2:42
11The Task at Hand2:24
12Comfort’s Call3:25
14Pray for Victory3:38
15Silence Reigns1:54
16Fading Embers2:03
17Praise the Fallen1:56
18The Test of Will2:30
19Everything Hereafter3:54
20Dawn Awakens4:17

Disc length 59:08

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