Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Complete Soundtrack (GAMERIP)

ファイアーエムブレム 風花雪月 オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Release DateJul 26, 2019
ComposersTakeru Kanazaki, Hiroki Morishita, Rei Kondoh
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: bxaimc Tagged by: @SittingOnCloud
PlatformsNintendo Switch
ProductsFire Emblem: Three Houses


01. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme
02. The Crest of Flames
03. The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) (English)
04. The Spirit Dais
05. Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters
06. Fódlan Winds (Rain)
07. Fódlan Winds (Thunder)
08. Respite and Sunlight
09. The Land Beloved by the Goddess
10. The Archbishop
11. Guardian of Starlight
12. A Gentle Breeze
13. The Officers Academy
14. Life at Garreg Mach Monastery
15. Somewhere To Belong
16. Words to Believe In
17. Arcana Code
18. A Guide for the Future
19. School Bells
20. As Swift as Wind
21. Wrath Strike (Rain)
22. Wrath Strike (Thunder)
23. Seeking New Heights
24. Mask of Fire
25. Tactics
26. Garreg Mach Cathedral
27. People of the Marketplace
28. Learning Lesson
29. Hope as a Melody
30. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (Rain)
31. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods (Thunder)
32. Gazing at Sirius
33. Spiderweb
34. Beneath the Banner
35. A Dark Sign
36. Dark Clouds Gather
37. Beyond the Crossroads
38. Teatime Joy
39. As Fierce as Fire
40. Battle on the Waterfront
41. Tempest of Seasons (Rain)
42. Tempest of Seasons (Thunder)
43. Funny Footsteps
44. Hungry March
45. Blue Skies and a Battle (Intro)
46. Blue Skies and a Battle (Rain)
47. Blue Skies and a Battle (Thunder)
48. A Promise
49. Tearing Through Heaven (Rain)
50. Tearing Through Heaven (Thunder)
51. The Verge of Death (Rain)
52. The Verge of Death (Thunder)
53. Still Horizon
54. White Heron Waltz
55. The Night of the Ball
56. Song of the Nabateans (English)
57. Fated Death
58. A Lonely Figure
59. Recollection and Regret
60. Those Who Sow Darkness
61. Awakening
62. Light and Shadow
63. The Leader’s Path
64. Farewell
65. Anxiety
66. A New Dawn
67. Citizens of the East
68. A Vow Remembered
69. Roar of Dominion (Rain)
70. Roar of Dominion (Thunder)
71. Descent (Part 1)
72. Against The Imperial Army Cutscene
73. Unfulfilled
74. Unfulfilled (Cutsene Ver.)
75. Chasing Daybreak (Rain)
76. Chasing Daybreak (Thunder)
77. Scales of the Goddess
78. Broken Routine
79. Broken Routine
80. Paths That Will Never Cross (Rain)
81. Paths That Will Never Cross (Thunder)
82. Golden Deer and Crescent Moon
83. The King of Lions
84. The Dream is Over
85. The Long Road (Rain)
86. The Long Road (Thunder)
87. Javelin of Light
88. Revenge
89. Indomitable Will / Goodbye King of Delusions (Rain)
90. Indomitable Will / Goodbye King of Delusions (Thunder)
91. Shambhala (Area 17 Redux) (Rain)
92. Shambhala (Area 17 Redux) (Thunder)
93. A World for Humanity
94. The Curse
95. Rematch
96. Between Heaven and Earth (Rain)
97. Between Heaven and Earth (Thunder)
98. A Funeral of Flowers (Rain)
99. A Funeral of Flowers (Thunder)
100. God-shattering Star (Intro)
101. God-shattering Star (Rain)
102. God-shattering Star (Thunder)
103. The Apex of the World (Rain)
104. The Apex of the World (Thunder)
105. Wailing
106. A Place to Rest
107. The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) (Piano Ver.)
108. A Star in the Morning Sky
109. Staff Credits (English)

01. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme (Japanese)
02. The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) (Japanese)
03. Tempest of Seasons (Rain) [Tournament]
04. Tempest of Seasons (Thunder) [Tournament]
05. Song of the Nabateans (Japanese)
06. Beneath the Banner (No Intro)
07. The Curse (Alternate Ver.)
08. Item Obtained
09. Level Up!
10. Broken Weapon
11. Class Change
12. Time To Act (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)
13. The World Tree (Fire Emblem Warriors)
14. March to Deliverance (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)
15. With Mila’s Divine Protection (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)
16. Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage)
17. Eternal Bond (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
18. Id~Purpose (Fire Emblem Awakening)
19. Destiny (Ablaze) (Fire Emblem Awakening)
20. Conquest (Ablaze) (Fire Emblem Awakening)
21. Alight (Storm) (Fire Emblem Fates)
22. A Dark Fall (Fire) (Fire Emblem Fates)
23. BGM 0133
24. BGM 0135
25. Credits (Japanese)

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