Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Guilty Gear Sound Complete Box

Release DateNov 23, 2005
ComposersDaisuke Ishiwatari, Masaomi Kikuchi, Yoshino Kusano, Tetsuya Ohuchi, Koichi Seiyama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byTEAM Entertainment (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
PlatformsArcadePlayStation 2, Xbox, Dreamcast, PlayStation,
ProductsGuilty Gear, Guilty Gear X (Arcade), Guilty Gear X (Dreamcast), Guilty Gear X Plus, Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear Isuka, Guilty Gear XX Slash


01Keep Yourself Alive (Sol’s Theme)3:09
02Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) (Ky’s Theme)3:11
03Black Soul (Zato-1’s Theme)3:10
04Unidentified Child (May’s Theme)3:17
05Suck A Sage (Chipp’s Theme)3:20
06In Slave’s Glory (Potemkin’s Theme)3:11
07The March Of The Wicked King (Axl’s Theme)3:18
08Writhe In Pain (Millia’s Theme)3:13
09Suspicious Cook (Baldhead’s Theme)3:09
10Pride And Glory (Kliff’s Theme)3:16
11A Fixed Idea (Testament’s Theme)3:15
12Meet Again (Justice’s Theme)3:19
13Momentary Life (Baiken’s Theme)3:11
14Conclusion (Sol Vs Ky’s Theme)3:10
15Prickle Man (Opening)0:37
16Mince (Character Selection Screen)1:18
17I’m Oldman (Option Screen)3:03
18Come On! (Vs Screen)0:11
19METAL (Continue)0:25
20Death And Republic (Boss Demo)1:22
21Deadend (Game Over)0:10
22Way (May, Millia & Kliff’s Staff Roll)2:44
23Play It High (Potemkin, Zato-1 & Baldhead’s Staff Roll)3:16
24Love Letter From… (Sol, Ky, Chipp & Axl’s Staff Roll)3:15
25Beyond The Dark Life (Sol & Kliff’s Ending)2:17
26NO!! (Ky’s Ending)1:17
27Attention (May’s Ending)1:19
28Hello!! (Axl’s Ending)1:43
29Brush Up (Millia’s Ending)1:08
30Dear Me (Chipp’s Ending)1:09
31D-A-M-E II (Zato-1’s Ending)1:07
32D-A-M-E (Sorry) (Potemkin & Baldhead’s Ending)1:07

Disc length 72:37

01No Mercy (Sol Vs Ky’s Theme)4:00
02Keep Yourself Alive 2 (Sol’s Theme)4:04
03Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) (Ky’s Theme)4:17
04Blue Water Blue Sky (May’s Theme)3:54
05Make Oneself (Axl’s Theme)3:19
06Feel A Fear (Zato-1’s Theme)4:41
07Suck A Sage (Chipp’s Theme)3:58
08Burly Heart (Potemkin’s Theme)3:28
09The Original (Faust’s Theme)3:41
10Writhe In Pain (Millia’s Theme)2:59
11Momentary Life (Baiken’s Theme)3:47
12Liquor Bar & Drunkard (Johnny’s Theme)4:00
13FUUGA (Anji’s Theme)2:40
14A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return (Venom’s Theme)4:26
15Babel Nose (Jam’s Theme)3:58

Disc length 57:12

01Bloodstained Lineage (Testament’s Theme)4:58
02Awe Of She (Dizzy’s Theme)4:46
03Fatal Duel (Same Character’s Theme)3:31
04Still In The Dark (Zato-1 Vs Millia’s Theme)4:07
05Soul Dealer (Opening)0:36
06Hello My Dear (Option)2:52
07Stand By (Edit)2:51
08It was Called Victim (Character Select)2:36
09Go! (Profile)1:08
10Keep The Faith (Testament Demo)1:06
11Grief (Dizzy Demo)1:31
12Primal Light (Staff Roll 1)3:06
13Calm Passion (Staff Roll 2)3:05
14Walk In The Dusk (Staff Roll 3)3:02
15A Daredevil (VS Demo)0:11
16It Was Called Steel Victim (Victory Demo)0:09
17Retake (Continue)0:24
18Settlement (Game Over)0:05

Disc length 40:04

01Soul Dealer (Opening)0:37
02No Mercy (Sol Vs Ky’s Theme)3:23
03Keep Yourself Alive ? (Sol’s Theme)2:49
04Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) (Ky’s Theme)3:08
05Blue Water Blue Sky (May’s Theme)2:45
06Writhe In Pain (Millia’s Theme)2:39
07Feel A Fear (Zato-1’s Theme)4:40
08Burly Heart (Potemkin’s Theme)3:30
09Suck A Sage (Chipp’s Theme)2:53
10The Original (Faust’s Theme)2:44
11Momentary Life (Baiken’s Theme)2:40
12Babel Nose (Jam’s Theme)2:48
13Liquor Bar & Drunkard (Johnny’s Theme)2:50
14Make Oneself (Axl’s Theme)3:19
15FUUGA (Anji’s Theme)2:55
16A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return (Venom’s Theme)3:21
17Bloodstained Lineage (Testament’s Theme)5:05
18Awe Of She (Dizzy’s Theme)4:47
19Fatal Duel (Same Character’s Theme)2:39
20Still In The Dark (Zato-1 Vs Millia’s Theme)3:33
21Primal Light (Staff Roll 1)3:05
22Calm Passion (Staff Roll 2)3:05
23Walk In The Dusk (Staff Roll 3)3:03

Disc length 72:18

01Feedback (Opening)0:58
02Noontide (Sol Vs Ky’s Theme)3:08
03Keep Yourself Alive II (Sol’s Theme)3:06
04Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) (Ky’s Theme)3:01
05Blue Water Blue Sky (May’s Theme)3:01
06Writhe In Pain (Millia’s Theme)3:03
07Feel A Fear (Eddie’s Theme)3:04
08Burly Heart (Potemkin’s Theme)3:13
09Suck A Sage (Chipp’s Theme)3:10
10The Original (Faust’s Theme)3:07
11Make Oneself (Axl’s Theme)3:06
12Momentary Life (Baiken’s Theme)3:08
13FUUGA (Anji’s Theme)3:02
14A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return (Venom’s Theme)3:06
15Liquor Bar & Drunkard (Johnny’s Theme)3:08
16Babel Nose (Jam’s Theme)3:05
17Bloodstained Lineage (Testament’s Theme)3:21

Disc length 50:47

01Awe Of She (Dizzy’s Theme)3:08
02Simple Life (Bridget’s Theme)3:09
03Haven’t You Got Eyes In Your Head? (Slayer’s Theme)3:09
04Good Manners And Customs (Zappa’s Theme)3:10
05KAGEMATSURI (I-NO’s Theme)3:08
06Nothing Out Of The Ordinary (Same Character’s Theme)3:08
07Existence (VS Assassins Theme)3:07
08The Midnight Carnival (BOSS)3:08
09Till Next Time (Staff Roll 1)3:04
10Boom Town Blues (Staff Roll 2)3:09
11Missing (Staff Roll 3)3:01
12D.O.A. (Character Select)1:15
13VS (VS)0:14
14Go For It!! (Continue)0:28
15Game Over (Game Over)0:16
16Beatin’ My Soul (Option)1:16
17Pride And Glory (Kliff’s Theme)3:14
18Meet Again (Justice’s Theme)3:17
19Primal Light (Staff Roll 1)3:06
20Calm Passion (Staff Roll 2)3:06
21Walk In The Dusk (Staff Roll 3)3:02

Disc length 53:35

01The GOD bites own lip in chagrin1:04
02Sheep Will Sleep (,if you become fatigued)3:15
03Exceptional Routine Work3:09
04Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks3:09
05Riches In Me3:15
06Drumhead Pulsation3:12
07Home Sweet Grave3:15
08The Irony Of Chaste3:13
09Lady Fascination3:13
10Push A Bush3:15
11Kill DOG As A Sacrifice To DOG3:10
12The Cat Attached To The Rust3:15
13Hunt A Soul1:42
15Might Is Right But Tight0:13
16Calculating King0:26
17Lost My Holdings0:14
19Hurry Somebody Up1:04
20The Fellow (who makes it bored is killed)1:03
21Fille de vent3:25
22Rift in the clouds3:21
23The blue practice3:22
24Death simpers at an exit3:27
25The out of world3:21

Disc length 62:40

01Conclusion (Sol Vs Ky’s Theme)3:40
02The March Of The Wicked King (Axl’s Theme)4:33
03Suspicious Cook (Baldhead’s Theme)3:50
04A Fixed Idea (Testament’s Theme)3:59
05Pride And Glory (Kliff’s Theme)4:03
06Unidentified Child (May’s Theme)3:57
07Meet Again (Justice’s Theme)4:16
08Love Letter From… (Sol, Ky, Chipp & Axl’s Staff Roll)4:21
09Keep in gates (A.B.A’s Theme)3:12
10Get down to business (Order Sol’s Theme)3:20
11The ZADANKAI33:20

Disc length 72:31

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