Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Kirby: Star Allies Soundtrack Patch 4.0 Update

Release DateDec 01, 2018
ComposersHirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa, Yuuta Ogasawara, Tadashi Ikegami
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: bxaimc, Tagged by: @SittingOnCloud, Cover Art by: Ocaso Ghost
PlatformsNintendo Switch
ProductsKirby Star AlliesKirby’s Return to Dream LandKirby: Triple DeluxeKirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Kirby’s Adventure


01. Cookie Country (Kirby’s Return to Dream)
02. Taranza, Master of Puppetry (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
03. Haltmann Works Elite Management (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
04. Heroes in Another Dimension
05. Inside Another Dimension
06. Jambastion (Ver. 4.0)
07. Song of Supplication (Ver. 4.0)
08. CROWNED Medley (Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)
09. Moonstruck Blossom Medley (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
10. Mind in a PROGRAM Medley (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
11. VS. Parallel Boss
12. Bad Boss Brothers
13. VS. Parallel Meta Knight & Dedede
14. Soul Melting Anticipation
15. VS. Parallel Mage Sisters
16. VS. Astral Birth Void
17. Casting (Kirby’s Dream Land 3)
18. VS. Nightmare (Kirby’s Adventure)
19. Lor Starcutter (Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)
20. Moonlight Capital (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
21. Ice Cream Factory (Kirby: Planet Robobot)
22. Return to Dreamland (Kirby’s Return to Dream Land)
23. Farewell
24. Magolor
25. Taranza
26. Susie
27. The Three Mage-Sisters

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