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Lego City Undercover Soundtrack [GAMERIP]

レゴ シティー アンダーカバー オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release Date18 March 2013
ComposersPaul Weir
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: Gimzie
PlatformsNintendo Wii UPCPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsLego City Undercover


01. Lego City Undercover
02. Main Menu
03. Loading…
04. LEGO City Police Station
05. Chase on Foot
06. Garage Rock
07. The Rooftops
08. Special Assignment Complete
09. Albatross Prison
10. Prison Brawl
11. The Warden’s Office
12. Opera in The Warden’s Office
13. The Bluebell Mine
14. Ode to Joy
15. Barry Smith’s Dojo
16. Kung Fu in The Dojo
17. Getaway
18. Breaking & Entering
19. Vehicle Robbery
20. Brawl in the Space Station
21. Into Space
22. Scrapyard Scrap
23. Time Trial
24. Home Sweet Home
25. Smash ‘n’ Grab
26. Pappalardo’s Ice Cream Parlor
27. Chase McCain’s Theme (Construction Site)
28. Drill Thrill
29. Rex Fury’s Secret Base
30. Angels & Demons
31. Rex Fury’s Final Showdown
32. Falling to Earth
33. Credits
34. Chase McCain’s Theme

01. Special Assignment Complete (Unused)
02. Detective (Beta)
03. Opera in The Warden’s Office (Instrumental)
04. The Bluebell Mine (Unused)
05. T4 (Unused)
06. Drivin’ (The Chase Begins)
07. Stars & Stripes Forever (Unused)
08. Chase Punk (Unused)
09. Lego City “B Team” (Unused)
10. Pig Trot (Unused)
11. Ruby Jaguar (Unused)

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