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Legend of Mana (Seiken Densetsu) Original Soundtrack

Seiken Densetsu / Legend of Mana Original Soundtrack
聖剣伝説Legend of Mana オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Release DateJul 23, 1999
ComposersYoko Shimomura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byDigiCube (distributed by SME Intermedia)
ProductsLegend of Mana


01Legend of MANA ~Title Theme~2:24
02Nostalgic Song3:32
03World of Mana5:06
04Song of MANA ~Opening Theme~2:50
05Where the Heart Resides1:33
06Hometown Domina2:45
07Diddle’s Organ0:56
08Travelers’ Road4:33
09Pain the Universe3:22
10Cliff Town Gato2:53
11Colored Earth4:27
12Marginal Beast1:37
13Moonlit City Roa2:12
14Faraway Dreaming Days ~Siren’s Song~2:32
15To the Sea2:47
16Port City Polpota2:24
17Faraway Dreaming Days…1:28
18Generations of Serenity1:50
19Bedight Orbit3:37
20The Wind Sings, For the Journey2:00
21Magic City Geo2:36
22Passing Memories2:02
23The Darkness Nova4:21

Disc length 63:47

02At the Ranch1:14
03Maker’s Galopp1:09
04Dreaming Fruits1:17
05Good Things Happen!0:06
06Let’s Play the Organ!0:14
07Let’s Play the Organ! Part 20:17
09Digger’s Song ~Song of Diggers~0:55
10Serene Song0:37
11Sorrowful Song0:30
12Cheerful Song0:30
13Mysterious Song0:43
14The Whereabouts of Truth3:07
15The Two Predictions ~Lucemia~3:49
16Irwin on Reflection2:54
17Beyond the Truth2:17
18Overlapping Destinies3:52
19For the Granted Bonds1:54
20Blazing Castle2:37
21The Crimson Dragon Emperor2:08
22Those Who Wait Before Destiny3:08
23Blue Melancholy2:35
24The Jewel Thief Sandra Appears!0:44
25Ruined Sparkling City3:24
26Foolish Love for Treasure3:40
27…of the Tear-Colored Radiance3:07
28Emotions Gather Under the Distant Mana Tree ~Theme of Mana~2:14
29Sanctuary of Mana3:32
30Time of Darkness4:22
31Nostalgic Song ~Ending Theme for Mana’s Story~1:33
32Song of MANA ~Ending Theme~5:59

Disc length 66:52

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