Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Mario & Luigi RPG Sound Selection

マリオ&ルイージ RPG サウンドセレクション

Release DateSep 2009
ComposersYoko Shimomura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byNintendo
PlatformsGame Boy AdvanceNintendo DS
ProductsMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeMario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story


01Preparing for the Journey1:35
02Let’s See Your Skills!1:32
03Let’s See More of Your Skills!1:45
04Welcome to Mameria!1:18
05The Name is Gerakobits0:14
06Gerakobits, Geragemona1:38
07Decisive Battle Stage2:01
08Last Geragemona2:11
09End of the Journey2:43
10Hello! Time Travelers1:01
11Attack the Enemy2:43
12Crisis of the Red and Green!2:15
13Overture to the End2:34
14Another’s Requiem2:19
15Dance with Babies2:38
16To a New Adventure!1:28
17Oki Doki!!2:51
18SHOW TIME!2:59
19They’re Pretty Tough, Should We be Careful!?2:25
20Gerakobits is There1:23
21The Wind is Blowing at Gepu Cape2:38
22Beachside Dream2:34
23Let’s Meet in the Mysterious Forest2:07
24Grasslands, All the Way3:24
25Stolen Koopa Castle2:42
26Short Break in Mushroom Town2:32
27Waltz in the Lake1:40
28The Road Leading to the Secret2:50
29Deep Castle3:02
30Dr. Kokino1:23
31The Giant2:35
32In the Final3:08
33Traveling About on a Journey of Memories3:37

Disc length 73:45

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