Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Metal Slug 3 Original Soundtrack

メタルスラッグ3 オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateAug 18, 2016
ComposersHIYA!, Captain Beroou, Hori_Hori, Q_JIROU, maitaro
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySNK
ProductsMetal Slug 3


01The MILITARY SYSTEM (Operation Explanation, Ranking)1:02
02BARRACKS (Character Select)0:39
03Blue Water Fangs -The Island of Dr. Moreau- (Stage 1)3:56
04Marine Diver (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Deep Sea)2:56
05The UNKNOWN WORLD (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Core Facility, UFO Interior Passage 1)4:15
06STEEL BEAST 6BEATS (Boss Theme A)2:22
07Midnight Wandering (Stage 2)3:53
08Devil’s Snow Cave (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Cave of Ice)3:21
09METAMORPHOSIS (Boss Theme B)3:27
10The Shallow Sea (Stage 3)2:53
11Hard Water (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Underground Channel)4:33
12ASSAULT THEME (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Bridge, Stage 5-2)4:27
13Secret Factory (Stage 3 Altanative Route〜Armory)3:51
14Desert (Stage 4)3:06
15Pyramid (Stage 1 Altanative Route〜Pyramid)2:28
16The CENOTAPH (Stage 4 Altanative Route〜Ancient Ruins)3:31
17The Japanese Army (Stage 4 Altanative Route〜Ex-military Hideout)3:25
18Into the Sky (Stage 5-1)3:02
19The KIDNAPPING (Alien Appearance)0:32
20Into the Cosmos (The Void of Space)4:12
21KISS IN the DARK (Enemy UFO Interior)2:26
22FIRST CONTACT (UFO Interior Passage 2)2:48
23BIOINFORMATICS (UFO Interior Passage 2)3:48
24ESCAPE (UFO Escape)4:34
25FINAL ATTACK (Final Boss)3:25
26END TITLE AGAIN (Final Production〜Staff Roll)2:26
27GRAVESTONE (Game Over)0:08
28CARRY OUT (Stage Clear)0:08

Disc length 81:34


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