Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Monster Hunter Guitar Arrange ~ BlackLute

Release DateMay 30, 2012
ComposersMasato Kouda, Tadayoshi Makino, Yuko Komiyama, Marika Suzuki, Reo Uratani
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
ProductsMonster Hunter, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter Tri


01Sunrise Waterscape3:09
02Trembling of the Sea and Land / Lagriacrus3:21
03Proof of a Hero3:26
04Black Shadow Dancing in the Tempest / Kushala Doara3:31
05The Deep Forest’s Illusion / Chameleos3:03
06The Roaring Wyvern Bares Its Fangs / Tigrex3:01
07Cute Felyne3:20
08Yearning for the Secret Hot Spring2:58
09A Fanged Beast Appears!2:36
10Violent Flash of Blue Light / Zinogre3:26
11Deep Blue Hard-Shell ~ Brachydios3:31
12To One with Life3:14

Disc length 38:36

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