Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Monster Hunter 4 Original Soundtrack

モンスターハンター4 オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Release DateNov 20, 2013
ComposersMarika Suzuki, Miwako Chinone, Reo Uratani, Masato Kouda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsMonster Hunter 4


01Monster Hunter 43:12
02Rocking in the Caravan2:51
03Throbbing Chest1:53
04Setting Out0:08
05Scent of Antiquity ~ Ancestral Steppe0:31
06Boisterous Visitors3:05
07Critical Situation0:37
08Golden Reminiscence ~ Kecha Wacha2:35
09Seeking Mystery ~ Everwood0:23
10A Strange Bird Appears1:03
11Baptism of Exploration3:05
12Return from the Labyrinth1:06
13Arcane Abyss ~ Sunken Hollow0:23
14Predator of the Dark ~ Nerscylla3:03
15Now the Hunting Begins0:16
16Primitive Heartbeat ~ Primal Forest0:25
17Audience with the Queen1:04
18Meandering Melody ~ Najarala3:13
19Dazzling Rough Seas0:21
20Fangs Lurking on the Icy Surface ~ Zamtrios3:12
21Compensation for a Counterattack1:31
22Vague Apprehension3:31
23A Cloak Concealing the Light ~ Gore Magala3:18
24Ancient Fragment2:03
25Earth’s Awakening ~ Volcanic Hollow0:24
26Raging Magma ~ Gravios3:20
27Entrance to the Sacred Mountain ~ Heaven’s Mount0:24
28Eternally Heavy Armour ~ Seltas Queen3:34
30The Roaring Wyvern Bares Its Fangs ~ 4Version3:00
31A Crest Blooming in the Dark Night0:52
32Reincarnation of Light and Darkness ~ Shagaru Magala4:04
33Praising the Hero1:37
34The Song of One3:56
35Winds of Departure3:27
36Proof of a Hero ~ 4Version1:38

Disc length 69:16

01Village of the Sun ~ Val Habar5:35
02At a Loss ~ Harth2:46
03Ceaseless Hammering ~ Harth4:03
04Riding on the Sea Breeze ~ Cheeko Sands3:43
05Gather, Everyone! ~ Sunsnug Isle3:23
06A Village Swaying in the Wind ~ Cathar3:50
07Whispers of the Wind ~ Shrine2:12
08Relaxed Alcoholic Party1:42
09Waiting for Someone to Come…1:38
10Sunset Hunters1:48
11Drunkard Romance1:40
12Reunion Polka1:24
13Hunters Love to Harmonize1:54
14Polishing the Weapon0:23
15A Resolute Test of Ability ~ Arena3:30
16Well-Cooked! ~ 4Version0:16
17Many Well-Cooked!! ~ 4Version0:16
18Head Chef’s Recommendation0:16
19Going on a Meownster Hunt0:04
20Triumphant Return, Nya1:55
21Don’t Say Goodbye1:08
22I Knew You Were the Best0:16
23The Fun Starts Here1:13
24Time of Bliss0:15
25Deep Blue Hard-Shell ~ Brachydios2:45
26Those Who Haunt a Thousand Swords2:44
27Those Who Resist Indignation3:01

Disc length 53:40

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