Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack


Release DateMay 24, 2018
ComposersRyota Kozuka, Shoji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byAtlus
PlatformsPlayStation 4PlayStation Vita
ProductsPersona 3: Dancing Moon NightPersona 3, Persona 5: Dancing Star NightPersona 5


01Our Moment (OP ver.)1:42
02Brand New Days Yuyoyuppe Remix3:03
03When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars Hideki Naganuma Remix2:53
04Want To Be Close ATOLS Remix2:55
05深層心理 Lotus Juice Remix3:15
06Deep Breath Deep Breath Yuu Miyake Remix2:47
07Mass Destruction Tetsuya Kobayashi Remix3:32
08Light the Fire Up in the Night “KAGEJIKAN” + “MAYONAKA” sasakure.UK Remix3:04
09全ての人の魂の戦い Daisuke Asakura Remix3:11
10全ての人の魂の詩 t.komine REMIX (“AT 1st” P3D-EDIT ver.)3:14
11Burn My Dread Novoiski REMIX (“AT 1st” P3D-EDIT ver.)2:52
12Time ATLUS Kitajoh Remix3:09
13A Way of Life ATLUS Kitajoh Remix3:18
14Wiping All Out ATLUS Kozuka Remix3:37
15Heartful Cry ATLUS Konishi Remix3:48
16キミの記憶 ATLUS Meguro Remix3:09
17Laser Beam (PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB !!!! 2017)3:21

Disc length 52:50

01Burn My Dread (“P3D” ver.)4:43
02Mass Destruction (“P3” + “P3F” ver.)3:00
03When The Moon’s Reaching Out Stars (“P3D” ver.)3:29
04Soul Phrase2:59
05Light the Fire Up in the Night “KAGEJIKAN” + “MAYONAKA”2:42
06Burn My Dread -Last Battle- (“P3D” ver.)2:55
07Brand New Days5:51
08Moonlight Serendipity3:52
09specialist (“NEVER MORE” P4D-EDIT ver.)2:21
10Party Over Here!1:55
11戦いのあと (“P3D” ver.)1:16
12Passing Hours2:08
13Colorful Lights1:57
14学園の記憶 (“P3D” ver.)1:51
15Private Room -“P3D” side #1-1:32
16Private Room -“P3D” side #2-1:54

Disc length 44:25

01GROOVY (OP ver.)1:43
02Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Jazztronik Remix3:15
03Last Surprise ☆Taku Takahashi Remix3:29
04Beneath the Mask KAIEN Remix3:21
05The Whims of Fate Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix3:21
06Will Power Shacho Remix3:12
07Rivers In the Desert mito Remix2:33
08星と僕らと tofubeats Remix3:44
09Last Surprise Jazztronik Remix3:31
10Tokyo Daylight ATLUS Kozuka Remix3:39
11母のいた日々 ATLUS Kitajoh Remix3:13
12Blooming Villain ATLUS Konishi Remix3:32
13Life Will Change ATLUS Meguro Remix2:58
14Rivers In the Desert (PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB !!!! 2017)5:23

Disc length 46:54

01Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (P5D-EDIT)3:41
02Last Surprise (P5D-EDIT)3:32
03Keeper of Lust (P5D-EDIT)3:27
04Blooming Villain (P5D-EDIT)3:17
05Life Goes On (P5D-EDIT)2:47
06Price (P5D-EDIT)2:52
07Life Will Change (P5D-EDIT)3:44
08Rivers In the Desert (P5D-EDIT)3:32
09Jaldabaoth ~ Our Beginning (P5D-EDIT)5:22
11One Nightbreak4:05
12Climb The Stage Together!2:22
13勝利 (“P5D” ver.)1:10
14Let’s Be Honest2:04
15Hop Step From Light To Dark2:02
16Private Room -“P5D” side #1-1:47
17Private Room -“P5D” side #2-2:04

Disc length 56:57

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