Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Pokémon Red·Green Super Music Collection

ポケモン赤・緑 スーパーミュージック・コレクション

Release DateApr 27, 2016
ComposersJunichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shinichi Aoki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byThe Pokémon Company (distributed by OVERLAP)
PlatformsNintendo Game Boy
ProductsPokémon Red & Blue


01Title Screen1:58
02Pallet Town Theme1:18
03Professor Oak0:48
04Professor Oak’s Laboratory0:46
05A Rival Appears0:43
06Road to Viridian City: Leaving Pallet Town1:00
07Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:30
08Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:37
09Pewter City Theme2:11
10Pokémon Center1:14
11Pokémon Healed0:07
12Viridian Forest1:53
14A Trainer Appears (Girl Version)0:25
15Battle! (Trainer Battle)3:17
16Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:31
17Caves of Mt. Moon1:40
18Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon1:29
19Cerulean City Theme1:17
20Pokémon Gym1:15
21To Bill: Leaving Cerulean City0:52
22Jigglypuff’s Song0:11
23Vermilion City Theme1:03
24The S.S. Anne1:24
25Road to Lavender Town: Leaving Vermilion City1:17
26The Poké Flute0:15
27A Trainer Appears (Boy Version)0:30
28Battle! (Gym Leader Battle)2:00
29Victory! (Gym Leader Battle)0:57
31Lavender Town Theme1:49
32Pokémon Tower2:21
33Celadon City Theme1:17
34Rocket Game Corner1:30
35A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version)0:28
36Rocket Hideout2:29
37Silph Co.1:21
38The Sea1:30
39Cinnabar Island Theme0:59
40Pokémon Mansion1:24
42The Final Road1:14
43Final Battle! (Rival)2:30
44Hall of Fame1:04
45Ending Theme1:46
46Pokédex: No. 001 Bulbasaur0:19
47Pokédex: No. 002 Ivysaur0:19
48Pokédex: No. 003 Venusaur0:19
49Pokédex: No. 004 Charmander0:20
50Pokédex: No. 005 Charmeleon0:19
51Pokédex: No. 006 Charizard0:20
52Pokédex: No. 007 Squirtle0:19
53Pokédex: No. 008 Wartortle0:20
54Pokédex: No. 009 Blastoise0:20
55Pokédex: No. 010 Caterpie0:19
56Pokédex: No. 011 Metapod0:20
57Pokédex: No. 012 Butterfree0:19
58Pokédex: No. 013 Weedle0:20
59Pokédex: No. 014 Kakuna0:19
60Pokédex: No. 015 Beedrill0:20
61Pokédex: No. 016 Pidgey0:18
62Pokédex: No. 017 Pidgeotto0:19
63Pokédex: No. 018 Pidgeot0:19
64Pokédex: No. 019 Rattata0:18
65Pokédex: No. 020 Raticate0:18
66Pokédex: No. 021 Spearow0:19
67Pokédex: No. 022 Fearow0:19
68Pokédex: No. 023 Ekans0:19
69Pokédex: No. 024 Arbok0:20
70Pokédex: No. 025 Pikachu0:19
71Pokédex: No. 026 Raichu0:19
72Pokédex: No. 027 Sandshrew0:18
73Pokédex: No. 028 Sandslash0:18
74Pokédex: No. 029 Nidoran♀0:19
75Pokédex: No. 030 Nidorina0:19
76Pokédex: No. 031 Nidoqueen0:19
77Pokédex: No. 032 Nidoran♂0:19
78Pokédex: No. 033 Nidorino0:19
79Pokédex: No. 034 Nidoking0:20
80Pokédex: No. 035 Clefairy0:19
81Pokédex: No. 036 Clefable0:18
82Pokédex: No. 037 Vulpix0:20
83Pokédex: No. 038 Ninetales0:20
84Pokédex: No. 039 Jigglypuff0:18
85Pokédex: No. 040 Wigglytuff0:18
86Pokédex: No. 041 Zubat0:18
87Pokédex: No. 042 Golbat0:19
88Pokédex: No. 043 Oddish0:19
89Pokédex: No. 044 Gloom0:19
90Pokédex: No. 045 Vileplume0:19
91Pokédex: No. 046 Paras0:19
92Pokédex: No. 047 Parasect0:20
93Pokédex: No. 048 Venonat0:19
94Pokédex: No. 049 Venomoth0:19
95Pokédex: No. 050 Diglett0:19
96Pokédex: No. 051 Dugtrio0:19
97Pokédex: No. 052 Meowth0:18
98Pokédex: No. 053 Persian0:21

Disc length 73:39

01Pokédex: No. 054 Psyduck0:19
02Pokédex: No. 055 Golduck0:20
03Pokédex: No. 056 Mankey0:19
04Pokédex: No. 057 Primeape0:19
05Pokédex: No. 058 Growlithe0:18
06Pokédex: No. 059 Arcanine0:19
07Pokédex: No. 060 Poliwag0:19
08Pokédex: No. 061 Poliwhirl0:19
09Pokédex: No. 062 Poliwrath0:19
10Pokédex: No. 063 Abra0:20
11Pokédex: No. 064 Kadabra0:20
12Pokédex: No. 065 Alakazam0:19
13Pokédex: No. 066 Machop0:19
14Pokédex: No. 067 Machoke0:19
15Pokédex: No. 068 Machamp0:19
16Pokédex: No. 069 Bellsprout0:18
17Pokédex: No. 070 Weepinbell0:19
18Pokédex: No. 071 Victreebel0:19
19Pokédex: No. 072 Tentacool0:18
20Pokédex: No. 073 Tentacruel0:21
21Pokédex: No. 074 Geodude0:19
22Pokédex: No. 075 Graveler0:19
23Pokédex: No. 076 Golem0:20
24Pokédex: No. 077 Ponyta0:19
25Pokédex: No. 078 Rapidash0:20
26Pokédex: No. 079 Slowpoke0:19
27Pokédex: No. 080 Slowbro0:19
28Pokédex: No. 081 Magnemite0:18
29Pokédex: No. 082 Magneton0:19
30Pokédex: No. 083 Farfetch’d0:18
31Pokédex: No. 084 Doduo0:19
32Pokédex: No. 085 Dodrio0:21
33Pokédex: No. 086 Seel0:20
34Pokédex: No. 087 Dewgong0:20
35Pokédex: No. 088 Grimer0:19
36Pokédex: No. 089 Muk0:19
37Pokédex: No. 090 Shellder0:19
38Pokédex: No. 091 Cloyster0:19
39Pokédex: No. 092 Gastly0:19
40Pokédex: No. 093 Haunter0:19
41Pokédex: No. 094 Gengar0:19
42Pokédex: No. 095 Onix0:19
43Pokédex: No. 096 Drowzee0:20
44Pokédex: No. 097 Hypno0:21
45Pokédex: No. 098 Krabby0:19
46Pokédex: No. 099 Kingler0:19
47Pokédex: No. 100 Voltorb0:19
48Pokédex: No. 101 Electrode0:21
49Pokédex: No. 102 Exeggcute0:20
50Pokédex: No. 103 Exeggutor0:22
51Pokédex: No. 104 Cubone0:20
52Pokédex: No. 105 Marowak0:21
53Pokédex: No. 106 Hitmonlee0:21
54Pokédex: No. 107 Hitmonchan0:20
55Pokédex: No. 108 Lickitung0:21
56Pokédex: No. 109 Koffing0:20
57Pokédex: No. 110 Weezing0:20
58Pokédex: No. 111 Rhyhorn0:20
59Pokédex: No. 112 Rhydon0:21
60Pokédex: No. 113 Chansey0:20
61Pokédex: No. 114 Tangela0:20
62Pokédex: No. 115 Kangaskhan0:19
63Pokédex: No. 116 Horsea0:20
64Pokédex: No. 117 Seadra0:19
65Pokédex: No. 118 Goldeen0:20
66Pokédex: No. 119 Seaking0:20
67Pokédex: No. 120 Staryu0:19
68Pokédex: No. 121 Starmie0:19
69Pokédex: No. 122 Mr. Mime0:20
70Pokédex: No. 123 Scyther0:20
71Pokédex: No. 124 Jynx0:22
72Pokédex: No. 125 Electabuzz0:19
73Pokédex: No. 126 Magmar0:21
74Pokédex: No. 127 Pinsir0:20
75Pokédex: No. 128 Tauros0:20
76Pokédex: No. 129 Magikarp0:20
77Pokédex: No. 130 Gyarados0:20
78Pokédex: No. 131 Lapras0:20
79Pokédex: No. 132 Ditto0:18
80Pokédex: No. 133 Eevee0:18
81Pokédex: No. 134 Vaporeon0:20
82Pokédex: No. 135 Jolteon0:21
83Pokédex: No. 136 Flareon0:21
84Pokédex: No. 137 Porygon0:20
85Pokédex: No. 138 Omanyte0:19
86Pokédex: No. 139 Omastar0:21
87Pokédex: No. 140 Kabuto0:19
88Pokédex: No. 141 Kabutops0:20
89Pokédex: No. 142 Aerodactyl0:20
90Pokédex: No. 143 Snorlax0:21
91Pokédex: No. 144 Articuno0:20
92Pokédex: No. 145 Zapdos0:20
93Pokédex: No. 146 Moltres0:20
94Pokédex: No. 147 Dratini0:19
95Pokédex: No. 148 Dragonair0:21
96Pokédex: No. 149 Dragonite0:20
97Pokédex: No. 150 Mewtwo0:21
98Pokédex: No. 151 Mew0:24
99Pokémon Techno / Pokémon Red and Green Sound Effect Compilation [Fanfare/Sound Effects/Battle Move Sound Effects/Battle Special Abilities Sound Effects]7:37

Disc length 39:47

01Game Freak Logo0:11
02Opening Movie0:16
03Title Screen1:36
04Game Tutorial0:42
05Welcome to the World of Pokémon!1:05
06Pallet Town Theme1:34
07Professor Oak0:48
08Professor Oak’s Laboratory0:48
09Fanfare: Pokémon Obtained0:06
10A Rival Appears0:48
11Battle! (Trainer Battle)3:12
12Victory! (Trainer Battle)0:42
13Road to Viridian City: Leaving Pallet Town0:55
14Fanfare: Item Obtained (Version 1)0:05
15Pewter City Theme2:06
16Teachy TV Menu0:17
17Viridian Forest2:45
18Battle! (Wild Pokémon)1:31
19Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:37
20A Trainer Appears (Boy Version)0:30
21Pokémon Center1:13
22Jigglypuff’s Song0:11
23Pokémon Healed0:07
25Pokémon Gym1:15
26Tense Battle!0:28
27Battle! (Gym Leader Battle)2:05
28Victory! (Gym Leader Battle)1:00
29Fanfare: Badge Obtained0:09
31Fanfare: Evolution0:08
32Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon1:12
33A Trainer Appears (Girl Version)0:26
34Caves of Mt. Moon2:43
35Vermilion City Theme1:20
36The S.S. Anne2:12
38Lavender Town Theme1:55
39Pokémon Tower1:42
40Celadon City Theme1:30
41Rocket Game Corner1:33
42Fanfare: Winning0:08
43Fanfare: Jackpot0:07
44Pokémon Printer0:06
45Rocket Hideout2:05
46A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Version)0:26
47Silph Co.2:00
48Road to Fuchsia City: Leaving Lavender Town1:12
49The Poké Flute0:11
50Fuchsia City Theme1:18
51Move Deleted0:07
52The Sea1:12
53Battle! (Legendary Pokémon)0:59
54Fanfare: Pokémon Caught0:08
55Cinnabar Island Theme1:20
56Pokémon Mansion2:05
57Pokémon Net Center0:46
58Fanfare: Professor Oak’s Evaluation0:07
59Sevii Islands: Four & Five Islands1:45
60Pokémon Jump0:58
61Dodrio Berry Picking1:03
62Too Bad…0:07
63Sevii Islands1:47
64Sevii Islands: Six & Seven Islands1:53
65The Union Room0:59
66Mystery Gift0:44
67Fanfare: Item Obtained (Version 2)0:07
68Battle! (Mewtwo)0:59
69The Final Road1:15
70Final Battle! (Rival)2:37
72Hall of Fame1:02
73Ending Theme4:13

Disc length 79:02

01Deoxys Appears0:31
02Battle! (Deoxys)2:43
03Teach Me, Poké Dude! (feat. Hironobu Yoshida)4:01
04Memory P (feat. Yumi Funasaka)3:01
05Rocket Hideout5:14
06Pokémon Tower 19976:29
07Strength of a Gym Leader4:24
08Title Screen1:48
09Road to Viridian City: Leaving Pallet Town1:04
10Viridian Forest1:49
11Pewter City Theme2:12
12Battle! (Trainer Battle)2:38
13The S.S. Anne1:22
15Fuchsia City Theme1:21
16Final Battle! (Rival)2:34
17Ending Theme1:41

Disc length 44:20

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