Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Rayman 2: The Great Escape Original Soundtrack

Release DateMay 26, 2011
ComposersEric Chevalier
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip

PlatformsDreamcast, Game BoyPCNintendo 64Nintendo DSNintendo 3DSPlayStationPlayStation 2
ProductsRayman 2: The Great Escape


01Overworld (MM)0:56
02Introduction (Jail10)1:46
03Introduction (JailMus)1:29
04The Woods of Light, Prelude (Fir)0:19
05The Woods of Light (FO)1:36
06King of the Teensies (PS)0:43
07The Fairy Glade (Ff)3:15
08The Fairy Glade (Ffr)0:44
09Pirates, Part 1 (BA1)1:34
10Pirates, Part 1 (BA1R)1:15
11Entering the Pirate Ship (BA3)0:41
12Entering the Pirate Ship (BA3R)0:37
13The Machine (BA2)1:18
14Freeing Ly (CI)0:38
15The Marshes of Awakening (SKO)1:07
16Riding The Marshes (Sk)1:59
17Meanwhile, In the Prison Ship (BA)0:43
18The Bayou, Part 1 (SWC)3:23
19The Bayou, Part 2 (CH3)1:47
20The Bayou, Part 2 (CH2R)1:46
21Pirates, Part 2 (Wa2)1:34
22Pirates, Part 2 (Wa2r)0:46
23The Bayou, Part 3 (Sw)2:23
24The Walk of Life (LY1)2:05
25The Walk of Life (Ly1r)2:05
26The Sanctuary of Water and Ice (WA1)1:39
27The Sanctuary of Water and Ice (WA1Rns)0:14
28The Sanctuary of Water and Ice (WA1R)0:49
29The Attack Run (AS)0:49
30Axel (He3)1:13
31The Mask (WA3)1:30
32Teleportation (Mask)0:05
33Polokus (PO)0:43
34The Menhir Hills, Part 1 (ROR)1:01
35Pirates, Part 3 (Na4)1:23
36Clark (RO2)1:24
37The Cave of Bad Dreams (VU1)1:11
38The Cave of Bad Dreams (VU1R)1:11
39The Chase (VU2)1:08
40The Menhir Hills, Part 2 (RO1)0:54
41The Canopy, Prelude (GLRL)0:06
42The Canopy, Intro (GLR)0:34
43The Canopy (GL)3:11
44Pirates, Part 4 (Wh3)0:59
45Whale Bay, Part 1 (Wh2)0:39
46Whale Bay, Part 2 (WH1)3:13
47The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Part 1 (Pl1)1:11
48The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Part 2 (PL2)0:33
49The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Part 3 (PL3)1:05
50The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Part 4 (PL4)1:05
51The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Part 4 (PL4R)1:05
52Umber (PL5)1:17
53The Echoing Caves, Part 1 (CA2)1:22
54The Echoing Caves, Part 1 (CA2R)1:23
55The Echoing Caves, Part 2 (CA1)1:23
56The Echoing Caves, Part 2 (Ca1r)1:22
57The Echoing Caves, Part 2 (CAR)1:22
58The Precipice, Part 1 (Na)2:47
59The Precipice, Part 2 (Na2)0:46
60The Precipice, Part 3 – Falling (Na3)1:15
61The Top of The World, Part 1 (SE1)2:41
62The Top of The World, Part 2 (SE23)2:15
63The Walk of Power (LY2)1:05
64The Walk of Power (Ly2r)1:05
65The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, Part 1 (EA1)2:04
66The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, Part 2 (EA2)1:14
67The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, Part 3 (EA3)1:47
68Beneath The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava (HE)0:59
69Foutch (He3r)1:14
70Spider Attack (MO1)0:37
71The Tomb of The Ancients (MO0)2:30
72The Iron Mountains (MI)1:32
73The Prison Ship (BO)1:01
74The Prison Ship (Bor)0:31
75The Crow_s Nest (RH)0:54
76End Sequence, Part 1 (EN1)0:37
77End Sequence, Part 2 (EN2)0:43
78Staff Roll (Th)3:10
79Bonus Track (Jail20)1:33
80Bonus Track (Jail20 alternate)1:33
81Bonus Track (Jail20 bruitages)1:34
82Bonus Track (Jail20al)1:33
83Bonus Track (batam)0:49
84Bonus Track (main title)3:08
85Bonus Track (JINGL7)0:07
86Bonus Track (JINGLE8)0:02
87Bonus Track (JINGLE9)0:06
88Bonus Track (new01)0:03
89Bonus Track (ray)0:03
90Bonus Track (outro1)0:03

Disc length 114:54


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