Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Rayman Legends Original Game Soundtrack

Release DateAug 29, 2013
ComposersChristophe Héral, Billy Martin
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byUbisoft Music
PlatformsPCWii UPlayStation 3Xbox 360, PlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
ProductsRayman Legends


01Mysterious Swamps3:00
02Medieval Theme2:03
03Babel Tower2:53
04Storming the Castle2:44
05The Fortified Castle1:32
06Castle Invaded1:08
07Medieval Dragon2:58
08The Swamp Whistler1:39
09Flight & Whirl1:43
10Lost in the Clouds2:07
11Trip to the Jungle2:35
12Moving Ground1:36
13Enchanted Forest1:49
14Enchanted Forest Pursuit1:51
15Secret Door1:32
16The Adventure Begins2:57
17Orchestral Chaos1:29
18Forest Invaded1:00
19The Mushroom Whistler2:29
20Mambo Mambo1:34
21Fiesta de los Muertos4:37
22Food Invaded1:37
24The Chef Whistler2:05
2520,000 Lums Under the Sea5:09
26Dive Another Day3:47
28The Spy Who Kicked Me3:41
29Infernal Pursuit1:25
30Ocean Invaded1:03
31Mechanical Dragon1:57
32When the Wind Blows1:23
33Shield and Sirtaki2:16
34Hades’ Abode1:05
35Dark Creature Pursuit1:55
36Hell’s Gate1:02
37Strategy and Spying2:27
38Missile Airlines1:30
39Olympus Maximus Invaded1:02
40Hades’ Hand1:05
41One-Eyed Harpist1:18
42Shaolin Challenge1:46
43Grannies World Tour1:35
44Another World1:26
45Rayman Theme (8 Bit Version)2:08
46Orchestral Chaos (8 Bit Version)1:24
47Grannies World Tour (8 Bit Version)1:35

Disc length 96:24

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