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R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 - The 20th Anniv. Sounds -

R4 -THE 20TH Anniversary SOUNDS-

Release DateMar 21, 2019
Arranged byESTi, Hiroshi Okubo, Hiroshi Watanabe, J99, Kohta Takahashi, Mark Di Meo, Q’HEY, Ryo Watanabe, Ryu☆, Sampling Masters AYA, Sampling Masters MEGA, sanodg, Takahiro Eguchi, Takeshi Nakatsuka, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Rightside
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Arrangement, Remaster
Published bySuperSweep
ProductsR4: Ridge Racer Type 4


01Spiral Ahead (Ryo Watanabe Remix)5:00
02Pearl Blue Soul (HIROSHI WATANABE Remix)5:25
03Naked Glow (20th Anniv. Mix)4:32
04Your Vibe (J99 Remix)5:20
05Lucid Rhythms (#GadgetSwitch Remix)5:13
06Thru (Sampling Masters MEGA Remix)4:58
07Silhouette Dance (Sampling Masters AYA Remix)6:10
08Burnin’ Rubber (Takeshi Nakatsuka’s Re-edit)4:35
09Revlimit Funk (Takahiro Eguchi Remix)4:08
10Quiet Curves (ESTi Remix)4:10
11Motor Species (20th Anniv. Mix)5:27
12The Objective (Q’HEY Remix)5:00
13Move Me (Ryu☆Remix)4:25
14The Ride (Takahiro Eguchi Remix)3:36
15Movin’ In Circles (20th Anniv. Mix)4:12
16RIDGE RACER -one more win- (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix)4:41

Disc length 76:52

01Urban Fragments1:49
02Turn The Page1:29
03On Your Way2:03
04Garage Talk2:51
05Spiral Ahead1:56
06Pearl Blue Soul3:38
07Naked Glow3:50
08Your Vibe3:53
09Lucid Rhythms3:46
11Silhouette Dance3:30
12Burnin’ Rubber3:19
13Revlimit Funk3:26
14Quiet Curves3:31
15Motor Species4:07
16The Objective4:31
17Move Me4:33
18The Ride3:30
19Movin’ In Circles4:19
20The Parade1:47
22RIDGE RACER -one more win-3:26
23Ready To Roll!0:18
24Party’s Over0:09
25Eat’em Up!3:36

Disc length 73:57

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