Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Sakura Taisen Zenkyokushuu COMPLETE SONG BOX

Release DateDec 11, 2002
ComposersKohei Tanaka
ClassificationGame SoundtrackAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byavex mode
PlatformsAnimeMovieOVASeries, Sega Saturn, DreamcastPCMobile PhonePlayStation 2PlayStation Portable
ProductsSakura Wars, Sakura Wars 2, Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?, Sakura Wars 4, Sakura Wars TV Series


01Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group3:03
02Cherry Blossom4:43
04Languishing Mambo4:01
05Only Man5:42
06Tokyo-style Holiday4:00
07Ardent Boogie4:07
08Night Samba4:11
09Love is a Diamond4:03
10Because of Love5:51
11Blooming Maidens5:06
12This World is Pleasant ~Summer Performance~3:23
13This World is Pleasant ~Autumn Performance~3:23
15This World is Pleasant ~Winter Performance~3:23
17This World is Pleasant ~Spring Performance~3:21

Disc length 73:02

01Celebration Dance4:24
02My Blue Sky4:36
03Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision)3:53
04Continuation of the Dream6:18
05Let’s Go by Metro4:16
06The Joy of Being Alive4:09
07Spring Will Come5:30
08Southern Wind Go Go4:11
09Beloved Jean-Paul3:57
10Absolute Destiny Tango3:12
11Departure of Love All Right!4:05
12Shonen Red Feature Song1:42
13Flowers of the Capital3:37
15Star of Icarus5:16
16Miracle Bells7:42

Disc length 71:29

01Soldier of Dawn4:49
02Deck Hula Hula3:14
03Dream / One Pound of Dreams12:26
04Bell of Miracles ~So Special a Day~6:04
05Happy Day Happy X’mas4:36
06Sword Battle Boogie2:08
09This is the Revue!4:53
10Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision II)3:52
11Beyond the Dawn5:03
12My Summer4:27
13The Pocus of Hocus3:00
14The Kamona is Made of Shallow Grass!7:00

Disc length 71:19

01Song of the Sparkle3:19
02Wonderful Stage5:03
03The Things I Believe In5:06
04Love Toward Eternity7:33
06Hooray! Song of Joy1:45
07Song of Beni Tokage (Kanna’s Delusion Version)2:01
08To Traveling Skies4:11
09Ricken Brown1:29
10Love Song of the Spring Breeze4:41
11Gekitei! (Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group TV)3:00
12The Dreams You Will Have3:58
13Flower Calendar4:55
14On the Day of Marriage4:40
15A Toast to the Couple!6:05
16Old Piano6:15
18Gekitei Leading2:41

Disc length 75:14

01Let’s Go to the Theater!4:15
02It’s Showtime4:13
03Scandal is Bad!2:26
04Star Shining Star2:19
05Pleasant Night3:30
06My Favorite Person3:40
07Now Then, Stand Up3:02
08The Heart is Like a Desert4:46
09Arabian Rose4:41
10Towards a New Future6:52
11Cinema March Song3:17
12Train of the Times4:53
13Red Cachusha5:21
14Center Spot5:24
15Downtown Rhapsody4:22
16Song of the Skylark ~From the Evening of the Camellia Princess~3:21
17Stone Monkey3:48
18Wings (TV Version)5:19

Disc length 75:29

01Flower Snowstorm · Thief Goddess of Arts2:42
02Flower Garden3:38
03Dreaming Machine4:01
04The Heart is Like a Desert (Baragumi Edition)1:43
05Crush the Hanagumi!1:38
06Your Favorite Person (Kanna’s Delusion 2)1:48
07Cherry Blossom Front3:57
08Continuation of the Dream (Roaring Flower Gorgeous Mix)6:18
09Euro Gekitei2:42
10Euro Departure of Love All Right!3:22
11Under the Imperial Flag3:54
12Flowery Paris3:19
13Erica Good Morning Dance0:30
15Eroica / Legend of Heroes4:00
17Let’s Walk Together4:26
18Parasol of My Heart4:30
20A Song to Remember You5:24

Disc length 72:15

01Where I’ll Put My Heart6:34
02Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group III2:58
03The Future (Voyage)6:15
04Under the Imperial Flag ~les Chattes Noires Mix~3:52
05Flowery Paris ~les Chattes Noires Mix~3:18
06Hanagumi Revue6:05
07The Bus is on the Way, I Want to Get On4:06
08Song of Soda-Pop2:53
09Happy Dream4:23
10Considering One’s Pace3:18
11Singing a Song to Myself5:25
12Beach Party, Flower Party4:09
13This Book Is…3:08
14Jellyfish of the Night3:03
15Everything Towards the Sea5:43
16Movie Edition – Miracle Bells6:56
17Movie Edition – Everything Towards the Sea3:00

Disc length 75:06

01Beginning of the Story1:21
02The Beautiful Ones!2:19
03Mysterious Outtie-Bellybuttoned Person (Kanna’s Delusion 3)1:35
04Red Shark Welcome1:18
05My Paris, My Paris3:35
06Black Cat Rumba3:08
07Montparnasse Evening3:23
08Love is a Profound Mystery1:10
09Island Wind3:00
10Geki! Tei ~Finale Chapter~3:21
11You, Flower8:44
12In the Forest of the Moonlit Night3:33
13Ciseaux’s Theme3:09
14Filled with Affectionate Love2:42
15Flower of the Night Sky3:48
16Sumire Cha-Cha-Cha!4:17
17Sorrow Overcome5:02
18This is the Revue! (Complete Version)8:00
19Wings (Kouhei Tanaka Version)5:18

Disc length 68:43

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