Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Shenmue chapter 1 -yokosuka- Original Sound Track

Release DateMar 23, 2000
ComposersTakenobu Mitsuyoshi, Yuzo Koshiro, Takeshi Yanagawa, Osamu Murata, Ryuji Iuchi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byFutureland / Toshiba EMI
PlatformsSega Dreamcast


01Shenmue ~Sedge Tree~ / Original Version3:59
02Shenhua ~Sedge Flower~ / Original Version3:02
03Departure on a New Trip / Original Version6:20
04Encounter With Destiny3:29
05Christmas on Dobuita Street2:15
06The Sadness I Carry on My Shoulders2:54
07Cherry Blossom Wind Dance1:40
08Nozomi’s Confession3:17
09Nozomi and Ryo3:57
11Daily Agony2:18
12Tears of Separation2:08
13Sadness and Hope3:01
16Antiquity Tree1:32
17Flower Girl0:54
18Departure on a New Trip / Arranged by Y.Koshiro6:21
19Shenmue ~Sedge Tree~ / Arranged by Y.Koshiro8:09
20Shenhua ~Sedge Flower~ / Arranged by Y.Koshiro6:18

Disc length 67:30

01Snowy Scenery3:35
02Snowy Scenery ver.23:33
03Separated From Yokosuka2:27
04Departure For Hope4:50
05To Fly Vacantly, Like An Eagle3:34
06Memories of Distant Days3:50
07Memories of Distant Days ver.22:26
08The Place Where the Sun Sets3:06
09The Place Where the Sun Sets ver.24:10
10Working Man1:55
11Snack Linda Theme3:40
12Receive a Skill to Succeed2:03
13Hip De Hop1:35
14Revenge of a Sailor1:18
16Secret of a Warehouse2:22
17Earth and Sea2:43
19Wish… / Karaoke4:59

Disc length 59:12

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