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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 05, 2013
ComposersPeter McConnell, Michael Bricker
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySony Computer Entertainment America
PlatformsPlayStation 3PlayStation Vita
ProductsSly Cooper: Thieves in Time


01Thieves in Time1:36
02Against the Clock4:17
03Paris by Rooftop2:12
04I Smell a Rat4:36
05Whoa Camel, Whoa!2:55
06Special Delivery3:14
07Howitzer Hippo2:11
08Lost and Found2:48
09Hold On to Your Fez1:32
10Clan of the Cave Raccoon1:39
11Penguin Roundup1:33
12Getting Stronger1:41
13Here Come the Grizz1:32
14Hippos on Ice1:36
15Eye in the Sky2:43
16Tavern Tomfoolery1:36
17Hard Target2:39
18Lair of the Moat Monster1:39
19Juggling Act1:33
20New Sheriff in Town1:32
21Go West Young Raccoon3:24
22Blind Date3:08
23Follow That Armadillo2:02
24Riding the Range3:05
25From East to West1:04
26Turning Japanese2:32
27Towering Inferno2:29
28Sly Samurai2:52
29There’s Something About Murray2:41
30Bridge Battle2:51
31Rescue Rioichi2:43
32Ms. D’s Musical Offerings1:32
33Lovely Night for a Sword Fight2:13
34Enter El Jefe1:21
35Samurai Swing2:36
36Into the West1:17
37Armadillo Hunting2:04
40Forty Thieves2:57
41Fox Trot1:35
42Ms. Decibel1:14
43Taxi Shop2:19
44Stop That Blimp1:35
45Ms. Decibel Comes to Town1:44
46Ms. D’s Last Stand1:33
47Meet Sir Galleth1:05
48Merry Olde England2:41
49Of Mice and Mechs2:03
50Paradox Defeated1:43
51Time Running Out1:09
52System Cracker4:28
53Spark Runner3:07
54Alter Ego4:02
55Thieves in Time (Metal Version)2:27

Disc length 125:18

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