Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Project Soul The Primary Sound Box - Soul Edge Soul Calibur I & II

Release DateNov 06, 2008
ComposersTakayuki Aihara, Takanori Otsuka, Junichi Nakatsuru, Akitaka Tohyama, Yoshihito Yano, Hideki Tobeta, Rio Hamamoto, Asuka Sakai, Ryuichi Takada, Junichi Takagi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Remaster
Published byMarvelous Entertainment (distributed by Geneon Entertainment)
PlatformsArcade, Xbox, GameCube, Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation 2
ProductsSoul Edge, Soulcalibur, Soulcalibur II


01The Wind and Cloud2:46
02Opening Title Ver.10:17
03Epic Calling!1:16
04Into The Battle0:09
05Future Dancin’1:38
06And the Blind Shall See0:48
07Heavenly Engage3:12
08Soul and Sword2:48
09Goddess in Triumph0:51
10Dragon’s Call2:53
11“The Deed is Done”0:51
12The Gears of Madness2:47
14War Age0:51
15Horangi Arirang2:48
16Sparrow’s Return0:51
17Recollect Continent3:04
18Bravely Folk Song3:09
19Sunrise Promise0:51
20Opening Title Ver.20:28
21The Carnage has Begun~Into a Trance0:50
22Coming Soon0:27
24World Atlas Collapsed2:40
25The Last Bit of Hope~Dragon’s Gasp0:51
26Finale and End Credit1:53

Disc length 42:50

01Light & Darkness2:02
02The Stage of History1:08
03The New Legend2:38
04Bloom and Harvest2:33
05Sail Over the Storm2:46
07The Cursed Image2:53
08Sweet Illusion2:39
09Wings of Faith2:38
10In the Name of the Father2:27
11Bred from the Gap2:40
12Unblessed Soul2:35
13Beyond the Horizon2:33
14Chasing Downstream2:44
15Worth Dying For2:30
16Gathering : Fatal Gravity2:52
17Eye to Eye, Blade to Blade1:32
18Leaving the World Behind2:52
19Immortal Flame2:46
20Everlasting Quest1:33
21Going to Where the Wind Blows1:51
23Going to Where the Wind Blows : Reprise2:30
24The Seal was Broken0:09
25Prepare to Unleash Yourself0:08
26Prepare to Defend Yourself0:08
29Forever Onward0:43
30Into the Sunlight0:45
31No Remorse, No Pain0:44
32The Legend Will Never Die1:42
33Recollection : A Tribute to Those Who Shed Red2:11

Disc length 62:52

01Under The Star Of Destiny0:51
02Recollection : A Tribute to Those Who Shed Red1:58
03Light & Darkness (Soul Mix)4:56
04Going to Where The Wind Blows (Piano Mix)3:16

Disc length 11:01

01Under The Star Of Destiny2:09
02History Unfolds1:09
03Unwavering Resolve4:17
04Guided By Wind3:56
05Evil Reborn3:36
06Raise Thy Sword3:29
07Brave Sword, Braver Soul3:41
08Chasing Death3:37
09Destiny Awaits No One3:43
10No Turning Back3:25
11Eternal Struggle3:34
14Sword Of The Patriot4:10
15Ordinary Pain3:38
16If There Were Any Other Way3:26
17Nothing To Lose3:29
19The Battle Ends0:36
20Slave Of Desire0:35
21Burning Soul0:34
22The Journey Continues0:36
23Path Of Destiny3:08

Disc length 68:48

01Tales Of Souls And Swords1:47
02Quest For Glory3:18
04Maze Of The Blade6:48
05Labyrinth Of Moonlight5:36
06Whispers Of The Sword1:03
07Path Of Destiny5:25
08Into The Whirlwind2:51
09Healing Winds2:36
10The Noble Blade0:55
11Healing Winds : Reprise3:17
12Hubris : Reprise3:22

Disc length 39:40

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