Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

SOULCALIBUR VI Original Soundtrack

Release DateJul 27, 2019
ComposersJunichi Nakatsuru, Yoshihito Yano, Syuri Misaki, Yu Sugimoto, Rio Hamamoto, Yukihiro Jindo
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuperSweep
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One
ProductsSoulcalibur VI


01The Brave New Stage of History 
02Undying Legend 
03Standing Against the Storm 
04Under a Pledge 
05Darkest Shadow 
06Diabolous Amalgam 
07Following the Wind Trail 
08The Lionhearted 
09Who Dare to Tread 
10Moon of Oblivion 
11Myriad Souls 
12Deadland Call 
13Chaos Eclipse 
14Fortune Favors the Brave 
15Lineage of Destiny 
16A Worthy Opponent 
18Ferrum Recipere 
19A Laurel Crown
01Eternal Tales 
02Hell on Earth 
03The Chronicle of Souls 
05Presage of Destiny 
06Foreshadowed by Darkness 
07Fated Soul 
08In Full Bloom 
09Man of Fortitude 
10Fidelity in Shrouds 
11A Zealous Herald 
12Crux of Evil 
13Fate’s Crossing 
14To Overcome Fate 
15The Evil Flame 
17In Memory : To Those Who Shed Blood
01Destiny in Flux 
02Destiny in Flux:Steel Echo 
03Destiny in Flux:Deep Reflection 
04Defiant Soul 
05The Libra of Soul 
06The Hunt for the Fissures 
07A Bitter Decision 
08Into the Fray 
09Time of Trial 
10Chasing the Beast 
11Endless Quest 
12Unforeseen Challenge 
13An Unexpected Visitor 
14Avenging Sword 
16Thwarted Ambition 
17The Nameless Ordeal 
18Destiny Unfolds
01Pure Anger 
02Fate at Its Limit 
03Inevitable Clash 
05Approaching Hope 
06Peace Within 
07A Lone Soul 
08Gentle Breeze 
09At the End of a Journey 
10Solemn Vow 
11Fate Against Her 
12Emerging from the Abyss 
13B for Bravery 
14Days Gone By 
15A Graceful Soul 
16Soul Engraver 
17Healing Winds : Reminiscences

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