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Star Wars: Squadrons Original Video Game Soundtrack

Star Wars: Squadrons (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Release DateOct 02, 2020
ComposersGordy Haab, Marco Valerio Antonini, ET Chen, Vincent Oppido, Samuel Smythe
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWalt Disney
PlatformsMicrosoft Xbox One, PC, Sony PlayStation 4
ProductsStar Wars: Squadrons


01A New Squadron Is Formed2:37
02Main Theme1:51
03Hyperspace Ambush4:27
04Fallen Comrades1:42
05Preparing to Move1:19
07The New Station1:03
08First Assignment4:37
09The Dockyard1:21
10Imperial Ceremony and Briefing2:12
11A Losing Battle2:56
12Imperial Victory1:49
13Stealing Data Plans4:12
14Chasing the Spy2:28
16Taking No Prisoners2:49
17Three Way Battle4:52
18Defending the Starhawk4:00
19Saying Goodbye2:22
21Loading Gear and Surprise Attack2:23
22Moon Explodes2:17
23Bombing Run Successful4:48
24Unsuccessful Run2:35
25Wanting Revenge2:00

Disc length 71:22

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