Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Box

ストリートファイター25周年 サウンドBOX

Release DateJul 10, 2013
ComposersCapcom Sound Team Alph Lyla (Yoko Shimomura, Syun Nishigaki, Isao Abe, Takayuki Iwai, Yuki Iwai, Hideki Okugawa, Tetsuya Shibata, Hideyuki Fukasawa)
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsArcade, Xbox, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
ProductsStreet Fighter, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken


01Insert Credits0:05
02Stage Select1:44
04Retsu (Japan)1:44
05Geki (Japan)1:44
06Joe (USA)1:44
07Mike (USA)1:44
08Lee (China)1:44
09Gen (China)1:44
10Birdie (England)1:44
11Eagle (England)1:44
12Adon (Thailand)1:44
13Sagat (Thailand)1:44
14What Strength!0:07
15Bonus Stage 1 – Breaking Bricks1:45
16Bonus Stage 2 – Breaking Boards1:44
17The Strongest Street Fighter in the World!0:36
18Defuse the Bomb!0:12
19A Challenger Appears!0:04
20High Scores1:37
21Staff Roll0:28

Disc length 25:48

01QSound Logo0:09
02Intro Theme0:29
03Character Select1:08
05Ryu’s Theme2:42
06Ken’s Theme3:17
07Chun-Li’s Theme2:48
08Guile’s Theme3:44
09Zangief’s Theme2:49
10Blanka’s Theme2:56
11Dhalsim’s Theme2:50
12E. Honda’s Theme3:18
13Cammy’s Theme2:55
14Fei Long’s Theme2:01
15Dee Jay’s Theme2:09
16T. Hawk’s Theme2:04
17Balrog’s Theme2:55
18Vega’s Theme2:58
19Sagat’s Theme2:13
20M. Bison’s Theme3:21
21Akuma’s Theme1:57
22Victory Screen0:04
23Ryu’s Ending (The Fight is All)1:01
24Ken’s Ending 1 (Eliza)1:15
25Ken’s Ending 2 (Wedded Bliss)1:22
26Chun-Li’s Ending 1 (Young, Single Girl)1:32
27Chun-Li’s Ending 2 (Detective)0:41
28Guile’s Ending (Waking Up)1:12
29Zangief’s Ending (The Appropriate Russian Fashion)1:30
30Blanka’s Ending (Long Lost Son)1:16
31Dhalsim’s Ending (Past Life)0:33
32E. Honda’s Ending (In Perfect Harmony)1:32
33Cammy’s Ending (Memories)1:36
34Fei Long’s Ending (The Greatest Teacher)0:55
35Dee Jay’s Ending (New Kind of Music)1:30
36T. Hawk’s Ending (Homeland)1:13
37Balrog’s Ending (Only in America)1:47
38Vega’s Ending (Victory and Beauty)0:54
39Sagat’s Ending (The Great Scar)1:22
40M. Bison’s Ending (The World is Mine!)1:07
41Staff Roll4:11

Disc length 75:20

01Nobody blink -Opening-Title-0:28
02Triumph -Ranking Display-1:01
03Who’ll be your double? -Character Select-1:00
04Beginning -Story Demo. 1-1:10
05The road -Theme of RYU Type. 1-3:19
06Active red -Theme of KEN-3:03
07Resolution -Theme of CHUN-LI-3:42
08Performance -Theme of DAN-2:26
09Proof of divinity -Theme of ADON-3:00
10Shining one -Theme of SAGAT-3:41
11Behind you -Theme of BIRDIE-3:10
12Feel the cool -Theme of GOUKI Type. 1-2:49
13Fatal depth -Theme of VEGA Type. 1-3:35
14Way to the glory -WINNING-VS.-1:17
15Decisive bout -Theme of NASH-3:56
16No more swingin’ -Theme of GUY-3:04
17Tower of SHOGUN -Theme of SODOM Type. 1-3:47
18Doll eyes -Theme of CAMMY-1:59
19Heavy swell -Theme of ZANGIEF-2:59
20Praying -Theme of DHALSIM-2:32
21Simple rating -Theme of KARIN-3:51
22S.E. Collection2:37
23Voice Collection. 18:14

Disc length 66:40

01Prepare -Here Comes a New Challenger-0:04
02Gimmick -Theme of ROLENTO-4:02
03Stripes -Theme of CODY-2:54
04KAKUGO -Theme of SODOM Type. 2-4:04
05Mach-smasher -Theme of E. HONDA-2:40
06Scala -Theme of ROSE-2:37
07Crimson -Theme of BALROG-2:58
08Untamable fists -Theme of M. BISON-3:34
09I’ll be brief -Story Demo. 2-0:59
10Prismatic stars -Theme of R. MIKA-2:47
11Breeze -Theme of SAKURA-2:58
12Wild nature -Theme of BLANKA-3:19
13Moments -Theme of GEN-2:03
14Groan -Theme of GOUKI Type. 2-2:47
15High-tech -Theme of JULI & JUNI-2:57
16Seek no escape -Theme of CPU Character & Final Round-1:59
17Black power -Theme of RYU Type. 2-3:08
18Last duel -Story Demo. 3-1:08
19Brave or grave -Theme of VEGA Type. 2-2:59
20Daybreak -Ending-Staff Roll-4:31
21Rise again -Continue-0:29
22Zero time -Game Over-0:04
23Narration Collection2:36
24Voice Collection 25:22

Disc length 62:59

01Opening Demo0:35
02Player Select0:32
03Just Before The Battle0:06
04Chun-Li Stage -CHINA VOX-3:05
05Alex & Ken Stage -JAZZY NYC ’99-3:15
06Remy Stage -THE BEEP-3:06
07Makoto Stage -SPUNKY-3:31
08Ryu Stage -KOBU [Inspiration]-3:17
09Necro & Twelve Stage -SNOWLAND-3:50
10Sean & Oro Stage -THE LONGSHOREMAN-3:52
11Bonus Game 11:05
13Ibuki Stage -TWILIGHT-2:27
14Gouki Stage -KILLING MOON-2:45
15Hugo Stage -THE CIRCUIT-3:28
16Yun & Yang Stage -CROWDED STREET [Third Edit]-3:37
17Dudley Stage -YOU BLOW MY MIND-3:14
18The Theme Of Q -Q-3:38
19Bonus Game 21:25
20Urien Stage -CRAZY CHILI DOG-2:33
21Gill Appears!0:13
22Gill Stage -PSYCHO OUT-3:47
23Stage Results0:44
24Stage Select & Score Ranking0:25
26Now, Fight A New Rival!0:07
28We Await Your Return, Warrior! [Game Over]0:08
29Final Results0:25
30Ending 11:26
31Ending 21:39
32Staff Roll1:37
33Voice Collection10:01

Disc length 74:04

01Third Strike4:37
02Let’s Get It On5:19
03Moving On5:34
04Third Strike (rml-short Edit)4:46
05Knock You Out (Adam Tensta 2011)3:03
06Let’s Get it On (Adam Tensta 2011)2:23
07China Vox 2011 (Round 1)1:41
08China Vox 2011 (Round 2)1:22
09Jazzy NYC 2011 (Round 1)2:00
10Jazzy NYC 2011 (Round 2)1:16
11The Beep 2011 (Round 1)1:51
12The Beep 2011 (Round 2)2:10
13Spunky 2011 (Round 1)1:31
14Spunky 2011 (Round 2)1:42
15Kobu 2011 (Round 1)1:38
16Kobu 2011 (Round 2)1:53
17Snowland 2011 (Round 1)1:42
18Snowland 2011 (Round 2)1:37
19The Longshoreman 2011 (Round 1)2:00
20The Longshoreman 2011 (Round 2)2:00
21Beats in My Head 2011 (Round 1)1:49
22Beats in My Head 2011 (Round 2)1:49
23Twilight 2011 (Round 1)1:19
24Twilight 2011 (Round 2)1:33
25Killing Moon 2011 (Round 1)1:28
26Killing Moon 2011 (Round 2)1:53
27The Circuit 2011 (Round 1)1:54
28The Circuit 2011 (Round 2)1:37
29Crowded Street 2011 (Round 1)1:56
30Crowded Street 2011 (Round 2)1:54
31You Blow My Mind 2011 (Round 1)1:46
32You Blow My Mind 2011 (Round 2)1:16
33Theme of Q 2011 (Round 1)2:05
34Theme of Q 2011 (Round 2)2:05
35Crazy Chili Dog 2011 (Round 1)1:52
36Crazy Chili Dog 2011 (Round 2)1:33

Disc length 77:54

01Theme of Ryu -SFIV Arrange-1:56
02Theme of Ken -SFIV Arrange-1:58
03Theme of E. Honda -SSFIV Arrange-2:09
04Theme of Chun-Li -SFIV Arrange-2:08
05Theme of Blanka -SSFIV Arrange-1:42
06Theme of Zangief -SFIV Arrange-1:54
07Theme of Guile -SFIV Arrange-1:59
08Theme of Dhalsim -SSFIV Arrange-1:57
09Theme of Balrog -SSFIV Arrange-2:09
10Theme of Vega -SSFIV Arrange-2:07
11Theme of Sagat -SFIV Arrange-1:54
12Theme of M. Bison -SFIV Arrange-1:50
13Theme of Fei Long -SSFIV Arrange-1:51
14Theme of Cammy -SFIV Arrange-1:41
15Theme of T. Hawk -SSFIV Arrange-2:00
16Theme of Dee Jay -SSFIV Arrange-1:34
17Theme of Akuma -SFIV Arrange-1:46
18Theme of Guy -SSFIV Arrange-1:41
19Theme of Adon -SSFIV Arrange-1:50
20Theme of Rose -SFIV Arrange-1:48
21Theme of Dan -SSFIV Arrange-1:47
22Theme of Sakura -SFIV Arrange-1:57
23Theme of Gen -SSFIV Arrange-1:54
24Theme of Cody -SSFIV Arrange-1:55
25Theme of Ibuki -SSFIV Arrange-2:10
26Theme of Dudley -SSFIV Arrange-1:58
27Theme of Makoto -SSFIV Arrange-1:51
28Theme of C. Viper1:45
29Theme of Abel1:30
30Theme of El Fuerte1:54
31Theme of Rufus1:44
32Theme of Gouken1:47
33Theme of Seth1:46
34Theme of Juri1:50
35Theme of Hakan1:54
36Theme of Yun -SSFIV AE Arrange-1:41
37Theme of Yang -SSFIV AE Arrange-1:43
38Theme of Evil Ryu -SSFIV AE Arrange-1:32
39Theme of Oni -SSFIV AE Arrange-1:46

Disc length 72:18

01Main Menu Screen -Street Fighter X Tekken-2:50
02Character Select Theme2:05
03VS Screen0:09
04Urban War Zone2:53
05Jurassic Era Research Facility -Upper Floor-2:49
06Jurassic Era Research Facility -Bottom Floor-2:57
07Mishima Estate -Upper Floor-2:50
08Mishima Estate -Middle Floor-2:55
09Mishima Estate -Bottom Floor-3:07
10Pitstop 109 -Day-3:17
11Pitstop 109 -Night-2:54
12Half Pipe -Upper Floor-2:53
13Half Pipe -Bottom Floor-3:01
14Mad Gear Hideout -Abigail Dancing-3:20
15Mad Gear Hideout -Sodom Dancing-3:01
16Mad Gear Hideout -???-2:47
17Cosmic Elevator2:51
18Blast Furnace -Normal-2:55
19Blast Furnace -Panic-2:45
21Pandora’s Box -Divination-3:05
22Pandora’s Box -Emission-3:28
23Training Stage2:52

Disc length 64:41

01VS Rival Battle SF Arrange12:51
02VS Rival Battle TK Arrange12:52
03VS Rival Battle SF Arrange23:06
04VS Rival Battle TK Arrange22:50
05Mid Boss Battle SF3:01
06Mid Boss Battle TK3:34
07Last Boss Battle SF3:09
08Last Boss Battle TK2:43
09Closing Credit5:35
10Results Screen SF0:53
11Results Screen TK0:57
12Results Screen X0:55
13Here Come Some New Challengers!0:10
14Continue Screen0:37
16Game Over0:14
17Network Screen2:52
18Challenge Screen1:55
19Tutorial -Saikyo Fighting Style-2:56
20Customize Screen2:58
21Store Screen3:31
22The Destiny Fight <Bonus Track>3:52

Disc length 51:41

01World Warriorz4:48
02The Warrior Within2:44
03Here Comes a Giant1:33
04The Fire Shoto3:05
05Mind Blowing Love2:52
06Shadaloo March2:58
07Snowy Train3:08
08Fallen Hero of Metro City4:26
09No Play 4 Ibuki4:34
10Guile’s Theme on Violin2:15
11Spiral Arrow4:25
12Abel Rock2:56
13JazzyNYC’ing DatBeat2:03
14Blanka in Brasil2:53
15Ibiza in My Head3:52
16Vega’s Theme 20122:52
17Wrath of Bushinryu3:06
18I Want You to Know3:42
19The Legendary Tomahawk2:09
20Fight Like a Rich Snob5:06
21Shienkyaku Upskirt3:21
22Juri’s Theme 8 Bit3:22

Disc length 73:49

02Balrog’s Love For The Game4:29
03Night at the Arcade2:54
04The Fighter2:47
0525 Years3:58
06Street Fighter Frilla4:11
07The Vega Anthem – Bloody High Claw3:08
08A New Challenger Has Appeared2:23
09Tagging In3:43
11Downtown Alleyway Round 1+25:43
12Never Gonna Be3:57
13Street Fighter II Ryu’s Path Of A True Warrior2:38
14Are You, Ken? So, You’re Ken (Street Fighter Rap)2:32
15Ryu: My Own Worst Enemy4:04
16Gigaton Punch3:08
17Flawless Victory2:55
18Satsui No Hadou5:10
19Final Stage (SF25th Anniversary Edit)5:12

Disc length 70:47

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