Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Street Fighter V Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 28, 2016
ComposersMasahiro Aoki, Hideyuki Fukasawa, Keiki Kobayashi, Takatsugu Wakabayashi, Zac Zinger, Capcom Sound Team
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySumthing Else Music Works
PlatformsPlayStation 4PCArcade
ProductsStreet Fighter V


01Rise Up -Opening-0:36
02Street Fighter V3:25
03Main Menu3:52
04Character Select2:24
06Bustling Side Street -China Stage-3:41
07Bustling Side Street Alternative -China Stage-4:17
08Union Station -London Stage-3:57
09Union Station Alternative -London Stage-3:58
10Forgotten Waterfall -New Zealand Stage-4:25
11Forgotten Waterfall Alternative -New Zealand Stage-4:04
12Kanzuki Estate -Japan Stage-3:49
13Kanzuki Estate Alternative -Japan Stage-3:45
14Underground Arena -Russia Stage-3:51
15Underground Arena Alternative -Russia Stage-3:56
16Apprentice Alley -India Stage-3:35
17Apprentice Alley Alternative -India Stage-4:16
18Hillside Plaza -Brazil Stage-3:28
19Hillside Plaza Alternative -Brazil Stage-4:16
20City in Chaos -New York Stage-3:50
21City in Chaos Alternative -New York Stage-3:40

Disc length 73:21

01Shadaloo Base -Shadaloo Stage-3:31
02Shadaloo Base Alternative -Shadaloo Stage-3:49
03Lair of the Four Kings -Boss Stage-3:23
04Lair of the Four Kings Alternative -Boss Stage-3:28
05The Grid -Training Stage-2:45
06Another Fight Is Coming Your Way!0:14
07Theme of Ryu4:16
08Theme of Chun-Li3:08
09Theme of Nash3:38
10Theme of M. Bison3:11
11Theme of Cammy2:43
12Theme of Birdie3:21
13Theme of Ken3:04
14Theme of Necalli2:48
15Theme of Vega3:01
16Theme of Rainbow Mika3:12
17Theme of Rashid3:32
18Theme of Karin Kanzuki3:21
19Theme of Zangief3:09
20Theme of Laura3:38
21Theme of Dhalsim3:17
22Theme of F.A.N.G3:59
25Game Over0:07
26League Up0:09
27Credit Title of Street Fighter V5:03

Disc length 78:24

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