Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Genso Suikoden II: Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 1

Release DateDec 23, 1998
ComposersMiki Higashino, Atsushi Sato
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKonami
PlatformsPlayStationPCPlayStation Portable
ProductsSuikoden II


01Opening BGM2:37
02Name Entry Screen BGM4:35
03Enemy Attack (From Event “Enemy Attack”)2:49
04Suspicion (From Event “Enemy Attack”)2:18
05The Desire to Triumph (Common Battle BGM)2:28
06Results (Battle Victory BGM)0:39
07Reminiscence (Opening Staff Roll BGM)1:52
08Those Who Don’t Work Don’t Eat (Viktor’s Fortress BGM)2:05
09The First Job (From Event “Viktor’s Fortress”)2:27
10The Next Job (From Event “Viktor’s Fortress”)1:38
11Do You Want Some Carrots? (From Event “Escape”)2:40
12Escape (From Event “Escape”)1:25
13Sound of People and Birds in a Peaceful Mountain Village (Ryube BGM)2:23
14Street Performing (From Event “Gypsies”)3:03
15Adventurous Journey (World Map BGM 1)2:40
16Labyrinth ~ PENPE2 (Dungeon BGM)3:52
17A Powerful Enemy Appears (Mid-Boss BGM)2:14
18Nostalgia (Kyaro BGM)3:12
19Beautiful Morning (Morning BGM)2:58
20The King’s March (From Event “To the Execution Site”)3:13
21Rescue (From Event “Flik and Company’s Entry”)2:18
22Reminiscence ~Strings Version~ (From Event “Parting”)2:34
23Children Are Playing in the Fields (Toto BGM)3:37
24Massacre (From Event “Attack on Ryube Village”)0:17
25Tension (From Event “Luca’s Crimes”)1:44
26War (War BGM)0:51
27Collapse (From Event “Burning Fortress”)0:18
28Distant Star (Leknaat’s Theme)2:11
29Bygone Days (From Event “The Boys’ Rituals”)4:53

Disc length 69:51

01Amid the Silence (White Deer Inn BGM)3:08
02Let’s Climb That Hill (Muse BGM)3:51
03Quiet Room (City Hall BGM)1:50
04Theme of Narcissism Again (Vincent, Simone’s Theme)3:21
05Theme of a Moonlit Night (From Event “In Jail”)4:32
06Reconnaissance Mission (From Event “Reconnaissance”)2:49
07Allied Armies Forever (From Event “Hilltop Conference”)1:33
08If You Listen Carefully (Coronet BGM, etc.)3:01
09Ah, Beautiful Dancer (Kuskus BGM)2:30
10Nahara Yan Kun (South Window BGM)3:31
11Passacaglia with Chorus (From Event “To North Window”)0:27
12Fugue “Praise to My Master” (North Window Castle BGM)2:45
13Her Sigh (Radat BGM)2:48
14Dandy Richmond (Richmond’s Theme)2:33
15Relaxation BGM 1 (From Event “Flood Gate”)3:44
16Tactics (Situation Explanation BGM)2:56
17Relaxation Time (Headquarters BGM 1)3:38
18An Old Tale (from Event “Old Man Genkaku’s Past”)3:58

Disc length 52:55

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