Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Genso Suikoden II: Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2

Release DateDec 23, 1998
ComposersMiki Higashino, Keiko Fukami
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKonami
PlatformsPlayStationPCPlayStation Portable
ProductsSuikoden II


01Carried on Rippling Waves (Lakewest BGM)2:46
02Every Day Is a Carnival (Two River BGM)1:43
03We Are the Number One! (Kobold Village BGM)1:35
04Two Rivers (Winghorde Residential District BGM)3:23
05A Bustling Town (Headquarters BGM 2)2:46
06Song of the DoReMi Elf (DoReMi Dance BGM)0:33
07Song of the DoReMi Elf (Battle Mode)0:14
08On a Sunny Day (Viewing Platform BGM)1:34
09The Sea Is Vast (Minigame 1 “Fishing” BGM Normal Mode)1:41
10One Chance to Win (Minigame 1 “Fishing” BGM Battle Mode)0:56
11Rock! Rock! Climbing (Minigame 2 “Cliff Climbing” BGM)1:50
12Whack to Your Heart’s Content (Minigame 3 “Whack-A-Mole” BGM)1:36
13Let’s Dance with Karen (Minigame 4 “Let’s Dance with Karen” BGM)0:48
14Theme of Temptation ~Asian Dub Mix~ (Minigame 5 “Chinchirorin” BGM, etc.)2:51
15Curtains, Lights, Cooking Showdown (Cooking Showdown Theme Song)2:27
16Cooking Selection (Menu Selection BGM)1:05
17One Minute Showdown (During Cooking Showdown BGM)1:05
18The Iron Chef Enters (Hai Yo Entry BGM)0:07
19Victory (Win Jingle)0:05
20Defeat (Loss Jingle)0:05
21Orizzonte (Annallee Band)2:23
22Due Fiumi ~Two Rivers~ (Annallee Band)3:53
23La mia tristezza (Annallee Band)3:01
24Captured Town (Greenhill Before Liberation BGM)2:31
25Ghost Story (From Event “Ghost Chase”)1:40
26Chase (From Event “Ghost Chase”)2:30
27A Prayer to My Mother (From Event “The Day Greenhill Fell”)3:04
28Relaxation BGM 3 (From Event “Teresa’s Rescue”)3:12
29Freedom Again (Greenhill After Liberation BGM)3:21
30Even Farther (World Map BGM 2)2:24
31Young Heroes (From Event “The Knights’ Entry”)2:15
32Proud Saraband (The Matilda Knights BGM)2:17
33A Man Named Gorudo (Gorudo BGM)1:57
34Sacrificial Feast (From Event “Beast Rune”)0:44
35Relaxation BGM 2 (From Event “Pride of a Knight”)3:11
36Ceremony (From Event “Agares’ Assassination”)3:14
37Unrest (From Event “Agares’ Assassination”)2:28

Disc length 73:15

01Praise of Peace (Toran Republic Castle BGM)2:47
02The Even More Glorious, Beautiful Golden Capital (Gregminster BGM)2:15
03Gremio’s Special Stew (From Free Event “Gremio”)4:07
04Confrontation with Monsters Again (Battle BGM 2)2:23
05Distant Skies (Banner BGM)0:47
06Hidden Village of the Ninja (Rokkaku Village BGM)4:19
07Drive into a Corner (Battle BGM ~ Luca Battle)4:00
08Mad Luca (Duel BGM ~ Luca Battle)1:25
09The Evil One (From Event “Luca’s Last Moments”)2:25
10Withered Earth (Tinto BGM)2:59
11Town on the Outskirts of Tinto (Crom BGM)1:41
12Gothic Neclord (Battle BGM ~ Neclord Battle)4:14
13Fist of Anger (Battle BGM ~ Gorudo Battle)2:19
14Requiem of Sadness (Sadness Theme)2:18
15Wave Our Flag (From Event “Rockaxe Battle”)0:19
16Time of Confrontation (Duel BGM ~ Han Battlefield)3:58
17Silver Wolf (Battle BGM ~ Silver Wolf Battle)4:08
18Chant ~In Knowing You, I Embraced Life; In Losing You, I Discovered Death~1:25
19Ending March ~When Will We Meet Again (Epilogue of the 108)~ Coda12:11
20La passione commuove la storia ~Passion Sets History in Motion~1:51
21Victory (Staff Roll BGM)2:32

Disc length 64:23

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