Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 28, 2018
Composer(s)Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, Koji Kondo, Shigetoshi Gohara, Mahito Yokota, Soyo Oka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byBeing
PlatformsNintendo Switch
ProductsSuper Mario Odyssey


02Opening ~In the Skies Above Peach’s Castle~1:24
03Encounter with Cappy1:22
05Top-Hat Tower2:12
06Broodals Confrontation0:46
07Broodals Battle1:59
08Beginning of the Adventure0:14
09Fossil Falls4:08
10YOU GOT A MOON! 10:10
11Capturing Tyrannosaurus!1:41
12Madame Broode Battle2:09
13Mario, World Traveler ~The Odyssey’s First Takeoff~0:46
14Scenario Introduction 10:13
15Tostarena Ruins3:54
16Inside the Inverted Pyramid2:23
17Tostarena Night2:16
18Riding the Jaxi2:00
19Tostarena Battle2:44
20Tostarena Town1:56
21YOU GOT A MOON! 20:07
22Steam Gardens3:44
23Steam Gardens Sherm2:07
24Torkdrift Battle3:27
25Lake Lamode Underwater Passage2:23
26Lake Lamode3:23
27Lake Lamode Above Ground1:54
28Found Bowser’s Airship!0:35
29Bowser Appearance0:57
30Bowser Battle 1 ~Nimbus Arena Showdown~2:49
31Bowser Bombardment ~ The Odyssey Crashes0:33

Disc length 58:21

01Cappy Gets Taken Away!1:36
02Forgotten Isle3:17
03Scenario Introduction 20:11
04New Donk City Night 11:39
05New Donk City Night 2 ~City Hall~2:20
06Mechawiggler Battle3:14
08New Donk City3:22
09Band Performance (Super Mario Brothers Above Ground)2:17
10Poolside Rest2:53
11Underground Power Plant2:12
12Jump Up, Super Star! NDC Festival Edition4:19
13Traditional Festival Ends!0:16
14Shiveria Town2:44
15Ice Cave2:01
16Snowline Circuit1:30
17Bound Bowl GP1:32
18Race Result0:37
20Bubblaine Underwater2:26
21Mollusque-Lanceur Battle3:29
22Scenario Introduction 30:11
23Mount Volbono3:33
24Peronza Plaza3:06
25Cookatiel Battle2:58
26Ruined Dragon Appears0:52
27Ruined Dragon Battle2:57
28Bowser Castle3:32
29Bowser Castle Courtyard2:57
30Bowser Flies to the Moon0:49
31RoboBrood Battle3:24

Disc length 70:35

01To the Next Kingdom0:53
02The Odyssey Goes to the Moon0:28
03Honeylune Ridge2:29
04Underground Moon Caverns2:52
05Wedding Hall2:16
07Bowser Battle 2 ~Final Battlefield~3:33
08Princess Peach Rescue…?0:15
09Capturing Bowser!0:08
10Honeylune Ridge Collapse2:01
11Break Free (Lead the Way)2:57
12Staff Roll3:02
13Around Peach’s Castle0:32
14Peach’s Castle2:29
15Crazy Cap3:10
16Let’s Play Slots0:28
17RC Car Challenge1:26
18Koopa Trace-Walking0:40
19Run, Jump, Throw! Stage 12:23
20Run, Jump, Throw! Stage 22:06
21Caves Stage1:04
22Another World Stage2:08
23Above the Clouds Stage1:40
24Jump Up, Super Star! Music Box Version1:40
25Lullaby Until the End (Fossil Falls Music Box Version)1:27
26Jump Up, Super Star!4:08
27Jump Up, Super Star! ~Odyssey, ya see~4:08
28Break Free (Lead the Way) Japanese Version3:00
29Jump Up, Super Star! Karaoke4:08
30Jump Up, Super Star! ~Odyssey, ya see~ Karaoke4:08
31Break Free (Lead the Way) Karaoke2:57

Disc length 64:59

01Fossil Falls 8bit Version3:06
02Tostarena Ruins 8bit Version2:43
03Inside the Inverted Pyramid 8bit Version1:53
04Tostarena Night 8bit Version2:17
05Steam Gardens 8bit Version2:44
06Lake Lamode 8bit Version2:31
07Forgotten Isle 8bit Version2:28
08Run, Jump, Throw! Stage 2 8bit Version1:34
09Underground Power Plant 8bit Version1:42
10Bubblaine 8bit Version3:03
11Mollusque-Lanceur Battle 8bit Version2:25
12Mount Volbono 8bit Version2:40
13Bowser Castle 8bit Version2:48
14Honeylune Ridge 8bit Version2:09
15Honeylune Ridge Collapse 8bit Version1:34
16Break Free (Lead The Way) 8bit Version2:39
17Jump Up, Super Star! NDC Festival Edition 8bit Version4:22
18Projection Room Above Ground1:42
19Projection Room Underground0:40
20YOU GOT A MOON! 2 8bit Version0:07
21Dancing with New Friends!0:13
22A Relaxing Dance0:20
23Rolling Canyon0:50
24Before Bowser Castle Courtyard0:33
25Capturing Frog!0:08
26The Odyssey’s Activation0:09
27The Odyssey Powers Up0:09
28Water Oath Liberator0:11
29Moon Rock Liberator0:18
30New Costume Added!0:05
31It’s the Broodals!0:05
32Madame Broode Appears0:07
33Klepto Appears0:07
34Mollusque-Lanceur Enraged0:11
35Cookatiel Appears0:10
36Regarding Position0:08
37Last Lap!0:04
41Tostarena’s Investigation2:03
42Gloomy Bubblaine2:04
43The Silver World of Shiveria2:02

Disc length 55:34

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