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Tales of Zestiria Original Soundtrack

テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア オリジナルサウンドトラック

Release DateFeb 18, 2015
ComposersMotoi Sakuraba, Go Shiina
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWarner Music Japan
PlatformsPlayStation 3
ProductsTales of Zestiria


01Legend of the Shepherd1:06
02Footsteps of Disaster0:51
03Unchanging Days2:26
04Mountain Ruins Brimming with Ancient Charm4:29
05Uphold Your Will with Sword in Hand2:04
06Grasp the Sparkling Victory0:54
07A Peaceful Hometown3:25
08Sorey’s Theme ~Purity~3:30
09Setting Off0:45
10An Exciting First Journey4:01
11The Sparrowfeathers3:38
12The Beautiful Lake and Capital of the Sacred Blade4:07
13The Hellion’s Assault2:57
14A Festival Entwined with Hope1:54
15The Feelings of the Princess and Her People1:00
16Ceremony of the Flames of Purification0:55
17Devised Riot1:26
18Flames of Malevolence0:42
19Sorey’s Dream1:49
20The Sacred Blade is Drawn1:08
21Reviving Hope with the Blade0:32
22Raise Your Spirits3:05
24A Tale Passed Down through Generations1:32
25Remnants of History Imprinted in the Architecture4:12
26Swirling Intentions1:37
27The Wise One -TOZ ver.-1:42
28The Path of Former Shepherds1:23
29Spiritcrest of the Roaring Dragon3:43
30A Mystery Passed Down by the Seraphim1:30
31The Nesting Epidemic at the Base of the Great Tree3:52
32A Wonder that Heals the Mind1:36
33The Great Tree’s Blessing to the People3:25
34Creeping Shadow2:18
35Invitation of the Mural1:59

Disc length 77:43

01Sorey’s Theme ~The Shepherd~3:47
03Endless Battle0:35
04The Sad Power Overwhelming People0:40
05Lord of Calamity2:59
06The Lost Spiritual Resonance0:59
07The Shepherd is Rescued0:32
08The Deep Forest that Covers the Sky2:36
09A Civilization that Couldn’t Enjoy Prosperity4:18
10Combine Your Fists and Proceed Your Path2:21
11Eternal Spark of Victory0:54
12The Lively Spirits of Craftsmen2:59
13Curiosity Coloured by the Ways of Old4:22
14The Ray of Hope is Found Within2:00
15An Abrupt End0:58
16People Weighed Down by a Long Rain2:33
17Unforgettable Feelings1:57
18Within the Holy Tranquility1:54
19Modest Living3:22
20The Sanctuary Where Gods Gather3:58
21The Watchful Seraphims2:07
22A Sense of Archaism in the Majestic Metropolis4:35
23Turmoil Led by Calamity1:13
24Conquering the Doubts2:02
25Protected by the Wind4:50
26A Shepherd’s Destiny1:55
27The Essence of Adventure Lies in Exploration2:18
28People Enchanted by the Traces of an Ancient Tower3:12
29Despair and Awakening1:14
30An Eternal Era1:18
31True Origin1:49
33Spread Your Wings and Unfold Your Future2:46

Disc length 75:48

01Alisha’s Theme4:06
02Overcome This Crisis2:23
03Zaveid, the Wanderer3:05
04The Aim is the Top of the Crucible2:12
05Blazing Bonds in Trial5:40
06Competing is the Honor of the Land5:59
07The Melody of Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist :283:28
08Fight Between the Wind and Twinkling Sky6:03
09Awakening New Power5:06
10A Fearful Existence3:34
11Rising Up5:55
12Shared Determination1:51
13Journey’s End11:48
14The Way of Katz5:59

Disc length 67:09

01A Second Whirl of War0:38
02Malevolence Eroding the Seraphim0:30
03Symbol of the Shapeless Disaster0:54
04Final Doubts0:41
05When Disaster Turns Into Hope1:09
06Crumbling Peace3:39
07Mad Flowers in Bloom3:17
08Throne of the Divine Mastermind4:27
09Load Your Bow and Pierce the Truth3:05
10Beyond the End3:59
11Remaining Hesitation, Desired Resolution1:34
12I Won’t Forget This Pain1:01
13Parental Love0:23
14Chaotic Calamity Clad in Divinity5:14
15Chaotic Calamity Clad in Divinity -Awakened-5:14
16Bet Everything on the Lion’s Roar3:58
17Facing a Decision1:26
18Liberated Lands2:12
19A Journey Coloured by Memories5:05
20Passing Down the Gathered Feelings2:41
21An Eternal Dream1:02
22Unforgettable Existence0:26
23Aerial Corridors Wavering in the Hollowness2:23
24Where Melodies and Flashing Fists Intersect5:40
25The Undead Dragon Tied to the Roots of Earth4:33
26Unshakable and Turbulent Footsteps1:16
27Image BGM “Tales of Zestiria”11:03

Disc length 77:30

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