Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Tekken 6 Original Soundtrack

鉄拳6 サウンドトラック

Release DateDec 09, 2009
ComposersRio Hamamoto, Ryuichi Takada, Keiichi Okabe, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Shinji Hosoe, Yoshihito Yano, Ayako Saso, Go Shiina, Satoru Kosaki, Akitaka Tohyama, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yoshimi Kudo, Noriyuki Kamikura, Azusa Chiba, Kimihiro Abe, Mitsuhiro Kaneda, Keigo Hoashi, Keiki Kobayashi, Kakeru Ishihama
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuperSweep
PlatformsArcadePlayStation 3Xbox 360PlayStation Portable
ProductsTekken 6


01Two against the darkness (Opening)2:54
02Dust thins out (Character Select)1:36
03Edge of Spring (Mystical Forest)3:07
04Splashing casino (High Roller’s Club)3:03
05Ethno evening (Temple Grounds)2:25
06Cemetery (Cemetery)2:17
07Death Fight on the Neon (City After Dark)2:46
08Fist Festival (Fiesta del Tomate)2:33
09Rustic Asia (Rustic Asia)2:18
10YUKI (Manji Valley)2:32
11Only one Fight (Noh Theater)3:40
12G ~Blast ver.~ (Fallen Colony)3:28
13Artificial Ruins (Urban War Zone)3:13
14Midtown Roars (Lightning Storm)3:09
15Tunnel Disaster (Tunnel Disaster)2:12
16Karma (Electric Fountain)3:32
17Arisa (Anger of the Earth)2:39
18Yodeling in meadow hill (Hidden Retreat)2:39
19NANCY (Bonus Stage)2:20
20Blowin’ up the Enemy (Gargoyle’s Perch)2:53
21Sacred dark (Azazel’s Chamber)2:24
22Never Ending (Continue)1:14
23Game over (Game over)0:09
24Dust comp (Name Entry)1:32
25Staff Roll -BR- (Staff Roll -BR-)2:13

Disc length 62:48

01The Dark Black Sumi Picture 1 (TEKKEN1)1:06
02The Dark Black Sumi Picture 2 (TEKKEN2)1:27
03The Dark Black Sumi Picture 3 (TEKKEN3)2:00
04The Dark Black Sumi Picture 4 (TEKKEN4)2:31
05The Dark Black Sumi Picture 5 (TEKKEN5)1:21
06The Dark Black Sumi Picture 6 (TEKKEN6)1:20
07Bound by Blood (OPENING)2:49
08The Destined2:18
09Calm Beginning3:25
10Deep Attack2:22
11Meeting The Bear2:36
12Sequence Mutation2:31
14NANCY again1:38
15Distorted Arms1:41
16Congested Rage2:08
19Fateful Encounter1:06
20Missing in Action2:16
21Staying in Contact2:08
22Battle in the Sky3:07
23A mystic2:07
24Ominous Legend2:13
25Strike Without Warning1:10
26Theme of Heihachi1:10
27Unexpected Help2:09
28Fallen Ally2:45
29End of the Road2:08
30Defying Fate1:16
31Staffroll (Staffroll)2:34

Disc length 65:19

01Break theory (TEKKEN6 AC Opening)1:14
02Burning (TEKKEN6 BR Opening)1:58
03Detune (Character Select)2:09
04Virtual stroke2:47
05Spring Trailer1:16
06E3 Trailer2:28
07TGS Trailer1:38
08Kazuya’s ending (Kazuya Mishima)0:40
09Jin’s ending Part1 (Jin Kazama Part1)0:17
10Jin’s ending Part2 (Jin Kazama Part2)0:31
11Leo’s ending (Leo)0:31
12Zafina’s ending (Zafina)0:48
13Miguel’s ending (Miguel Caballero Rojo)0:41
14Bob’s ending (Bob)0:57
15Jack6’s ending (Jack6)0:38
16Bruce’s ending (Bruce Irvin)0:39
17Xiaoyu’s ending (Ling Xiaoyu)0:57
18Dragunov & Raven’s ending (Dragunov, Raven)0:55
19Feng’s ending (Feng Wei)0:22
20Lei’s ending (Lei Wulong)0:33
21Lee’s ending (Lee Chaolan)0:55
22Nina’s ending (Nina Williams)0:38
23Anna’s ending (Anna Williams)0:40
24Paul’s ending (Paul Phoenix)1:08
25Law’s ending (Marshall Law)0:51
26Steve’s ending (Steve Fox)0:55
27Julia’s ending (Julia Chang)0:54
28Devil Jin, Ganryu & Yoshimitsu’s ending (Devil Jin, Ganryu, Yoshimitsu)0:56
29Bryan’s ending (Bryan Fury)0:47
30Marduk & King’s ending (Craig Marduk, King)0:23
31Armor King’s ending (Armor King)0:46
32Lili & Asuka’s ending (Lili, Asuka Kazama)0:34
33Panda’s ending (Panda)0:25
34Heihachi & Kuma’s ending (Heihachi Mishima, Kuma)0:52
35Wang, Hwoarang & Baek’s ending (Wang Jinrei, Hwoarang, Baek Doo San)0:46
36Eddy & Christie’s ending (Eddy Gordo, Christie Monteiro)0:52
37Roger Jr.’s ending (Roger Jr.)0:46
38Mokujin’s ending (Mokujin)0:53

Disc length 36:00

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