Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

The King of Fighters Neo Geo's Soundtrack 10th Anniversary Memorial Box

Release DateMar 10, 2004
ComposersShinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byDex Entertainment
ProductsThe King of Fighters ’94, The King of Fighters ’95, The King of Fighters ’96, The King of Fighters ’97, The King of Fighters ’98, The King of Fighters ’99, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2001, The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle


01THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 Opening (Title)0:37
02THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 Opening (30sec Title)0:47
03Choice of Death or Humiliation (Player Select)0:35
04ESAKA (Japan Stage)2:25
05CLEAR (Clear BGM)0:08
06NAPOLITAN BLUES (Italia Stage)2:59
07Psycho Soldier ”KOF Version” (China Stage)2:37
08SLUM No.5 (America Stage)2:54
09Unhappy (Korea Stage)2:28
10JUNGLE BOUNCER (Brazil Stage)2:46
11Hey! (U.K. Stage)2:29
12Unusual Dragon and Tiger (Mexico Stage)2:14
13Towards R&D (Boss Middle Demo)0:40
14Duel R&D (Boss Stage 1)2:35
15UM… (After Boss Stage 1 Demo)0:42
16Showdown R&D (Boss Stage 2)2:53
17Pure Bon (Ending 1)0:24
18Pure Bon -Long Version- (Ending 1)1:06
19HAPPY JAH!? (Ending 2-1)2:50
20SUNSET SKY Part4 ”PAPAYA Version” (Ending 2-2)2:58

Disc length 37:21

01KOF ’95 (Title)0:44
02KOF ’95 (30sec Title)0:39
03Demonic Selection (Game Select)0:39
04Surging Selection (Team Select)0:38
05Stormy Saxophone (America Stage)3:21
06The World’s Spring (Victory Demo)0:07
07FUNKY ESAKA (Japan Stage)2:52
08Ryuko and Ken ~To Sway A Man’s Heart~ (Mexico Stage)4:03
09CLUB-M ~Flute in the Blue Sky~ (Mediterranean Stage)2:56
10DESERT REQUIEM (Middle East Stage)3:27
11Shudder Gong (Chinese Stage)2:19
12Fears (Korea Stage)3:12
13The Bass Crawling on the Earth (U.K. Stage)2:03
14Crying R, Grieving D (Rugal Demo 1,2,3)2:41
15HAL, Bass and Melody (Last Boss Stage 1)3:09
16Rugal Praise (Rugal Appearance Demo)0:45
17Guitar, Omega and Rugal (Last Boss Stage 2)2:08
18Rugal Defeat (Rugal Defeat Demo)0:57
19KID (Ending 1)0:54
20Bye Bye Tears (Ending 2)1:28
21Farewell! Youth (Ending 3)1:17
23Swirl of Desire (Game Over)0:04

Disc length 43:00

01”IN 1996” (Title)0:36
02Roulette (Player Select)0:42
03Rumbling on the City (New Ikari Team Theme)3:15
04ORAORA (Victory Demo)0:09
05ESAKA? (Hero Team Theme)3:53
06Big Shot! ”Mellow” (Fatal Fury Team Theme)3:12
07Long-Horned Beetle (Ryuko Team Theme)2:46
08Psycho Soldier REMIX ’96 (Psycho Soldier Team Theme)3:08
09Seoul Road (Kim Team Theme)3:11
10Get’n Up (New Women Fighters Team Theme)2:39
11Stormy Saxophone 2 (Yagami Team Theme)3:49
12HERE COMES CHALLENGER (Intrusion Player Select)0:35
13Stiff Shoulders for Geese (Geese Theme)2:52
14Dust man (Mr.BIG Theme)4:22
15Requiem in D minor K. 626 Dies irae (Krauser Theme)2:12
16The Protector (Demo 1)2:18
17Fairy (? Theme)4:57
18Breeze (Demo 2)0:48
19TRASH HEAD (?? Theme)2:33
20To the Sky (Demo 3)1:07
21Den! (Ending 1)1:37
22Den! Den! (Ending 2)1:17
23Den! Den! Den! (Ending 3)1:57
24SELF (Hero Team Ending)4:59
25RISING RED (Staff Roll)4:05

Disc length 62:59

014th Fire (Title)0:45
024th Fire beta (30sec Title)0:39
03ORDER (Player Select)0:37
04SATELLA VIEW (Before Match Demo)0:06
05Bloody (NEW FACE Team)4:00
06WINNER (Victory Demo)0:07
07ESAKA FOREVER (Kyo Kusanagi)3:45
08JAPAN (Japan Stage)1:06
09COOL JAM ~Stormy Saxophone 3~ (Iori Yagami)3:14
10Together (???? Stage)1:20
11C62 -Shirokuni- (Ryuji Yamazaki)2:49
12KOREA (Korea Stage)1:11
13Psycho Soldier REMIX ’97 (Athena Asamiya)3:03
14CHINA (China Stage)1:17
15S.N.N.W (Middle Demo)0:41
16London March (Billy Kane)3:09
17MONACO (Monaco Stage)1:51
18Kuri Forever (Terry Bogard)2:54
19BARI (Bali Stage)2:34
20BLUE MARY’S BLUES (Blue Mary)4:09
21H.C.C (Intrusion Player Select)0:33
22Still Green (Shingo Yabuki)3:05
23AMERICA (America Stage)1:41
24YOU’RE THE KING OF FIGHTERS (Championship Ceremony)0:22
25Memory (Demo 1-1)1:13
26Fury (Demo 1-2)0:28
27CONTROL CRISIS (? Stage)3:01
28Everything is For the Awakening -Short Version- (Demo 2)1:19
29Everything is For the Awakening (Demo 2)3:12
30Rhythmic Hallucination (?? Stage)3:22
31Enlightenment (Demo 3)1:30
32The Origin of Mind (??? Stage)3:09
33Nothingness (Demo 4)0:44
34Episode I (Ending 1)1:59
35Episode II (Ending 2)1:24
36Episode III (Ending 3)3:03
37Episode X (Ending 4-1)0:36
38Crime and Punishment (Ending 4-2)2:22
39Last Fire (Ending 4-3)0:27
40MIRTHLESS (Staff Roll)4:19
41COUNT DOWN (Continue)0:13

Disc length 77:19

01CIPHER (Title)0:48
02CIPHER β (30sec Title)0:30
03OK? (Control Explanation)0:29
04The King of Fighters (Player Select)0:30
05ESAKA? (Hero Team)2:12
06W (Victory Demo)0:09
07Kurikinton ~Gomame Guitar Ver~ (Fatal Fury Team)2:11
08Art of Fight (Art of Fighting Team)3:10
09Tremble! Shudder Gong (Psycho Soldier Team)2:27
10Choi Bounge Ondo (Choi Bounge Entry)0:07
11Soul Town (Kim Team)4:03
12C62 (Ryuji Yamazaki)1:42
13BLUE MARY’S BLUES (Blue Mary)2:10
14London March (Billy Kane)1:58
15INTRUSION (Intrusion Player Select)0:32
16Still Green (Shingo Yabuki)1:46
17Rumbling on the City (Ikari Team)2:00
18Fairy (Women Fighters Team)2:55
19Bloody (Orochi Team)2:29
20SLUM No.5 (American Sport Team)2:01
21Stormy Saxophone 2 (Yagami Team)2:06
22IN SPITE OF ONE’S AGE (Oyaji Team)3:05
23THE RR (Rugal Bernstein)3:10
24ESAKA (Kyo Kusanagi)1:36
25ESAKA FOREVER (Kyo Kusanagi VS Iori Yagami)2:24
26Stormy Saxophone (Iori Yagami)1:59
27COOL JAM (Iori Yagami VS Kyo Kusanagi)1:37
28Hey! (Women Fighters Team ’94)1:51
29Rhythmic Hallucination (Yashiro Nanakase)3:23
30FANATIC WALTZ (Shermie)3:43
31MAD FANTASY (Chris)3:10
32REVIVE (Continue)0:19
33GET ADVANTAGE (Continue Service)0:27
34X (Before Boss Order Select)0:37
35… (Boss Entry Demo 1)0:14
36XX (Boss Entry Demo 2)0:58
37XXX (Boss Stage)2:57
38LAST DANCE (Boss Defeat Demo 1)0:25
39TIME (Boss Defeat Demo 2)0:14
40ZERO (Staff Roll)3:47

Disc length 72:11

01Burning D.N.A. (Title)0:21
02Standby (How To Play ~ Player Select)1:32
03KD-0079 (Hero Team Theme)3:19
04The Survivor (Victory Demo)0:11
05W.W.III (Ikari Team Theme)3:52
06Psycho Sonic Trip ~Dance At The Paddy Field~ (Psycho Soldier Team Theme)3:59
07176th Street (Fatal Fury Team Theme)3:08
08Dangerous Toys (Middle Demo)1:32
09SHA LA LA (Women Fighters Team Theme)4:25
10The way to rebirth (Korea Team Theme)3:58
11RYU-KO (Art of Fighting Team Theme)4:15
12ESAKA? (Acid Mix) (Cloned Kyo Kusanagi 1,2 Theme)4:18
13Tears (? Theme)3:48
14Sadistic Eyes (?? Theme)3:06
15Meet Again (??? Intrusion Demo)0:42
16Final Battle? (Mid Boss Entry Demo)1:02
17Mechanical Bless (Mid Boss Stage)3:49
18Hello, Good Bye (Boss Entry Demo)1:22
19Dear Falling Angel (Boss Stage)4:21
20Escape From The Base-70599 (Boss Defeat Demo 1)1:14
21Collapse (Boss Defeat Demo 2)1:00
22Melting Point (Continue)0:23
23Silver lining (Ending 1)0:42
24Mysterious Drop (Ending 2)1:11
25Good Afternoon (Ending 3)0:58
26C.C.Trick (Ending 4)0:55
27Without Saying Good-Bye (Ending 5)1:04
28Will You Marry Me? (Ending 6)1:11
29Cross fire (Staff Roll)1:46

Disc length 63:24

0100 (Title)0:25
02BETA Force (HOW TO PLAY ~ Player Select)0:36
03Come up smiling (Women Fighters Team)3:50
04LV-4 (Victory Demo TEAM PLAY)0:08
05KD-0084 (Hero Team)3:55
06WILD PARTY (Korea Team)3:30
07Beauty & The Beast (Art of Fighting Team)3:27
08CAT TAIL (Middle Demo)3:02
09INNER SHADE (Benimaru Team)3:33
10Will (Psycho Soldier Team)3:46
11TERRY115 (Fatal Fury Team)3:26
12The Trooper (Ikari Team)3:36
13Good Bye ESAKA (Kyo Kusanagi)3:17
14Stormy Scream (Iori Yagami Stormy Saxophone 4)3:42
15LV-1 (Victory Demo SINGLE PLAY)0:07
16BE FREEZE (Mid Boss Intrusion Demo)0:42
17Ice Place (Mid Boss)4:43
18DEVIL (Last Boss Entry Demo)2:36
19SLASHER ZERO (Last Boss)5:00
20DREAM EATER (Last Boss Defeat Demo)2:41
21CRYSTAL Type1 (Staff Roll Type1)2:31
22CRYSTAL Type2 (Staff Roll Type2)0:56
23CRYSTAL Type3 (Staff Roll Type3)1:11
24CRYSTAL Type4 (Staff Roll Type4)0:47
25CRYSTAL Type5 (Staff Roll Type5)1:13
26CRYSTAL Type6 (Staff Roll Type6)1:29
27CRYSTAL Type7 (Staff Roll Type7)1:13
28CRYSTAL Type8 (Staff Roll Type8)0:48
29CRYSTAL Type9 (Staff Roll Type9)1:22
30CRYSTAL TypeA (Staff Roll TypeA)3:21
31SUKUWARELU (Continue)0:19

Disc length 71:12

01Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Opening Ver1.0) (OP Demo ~ Title)0:46
02Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Opening Ver2.0) (30sec Title)0:34
03Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Control Explanation BGM)0:46
04HIT ME! (Player Select (Normal))0:43
05BIG PAIN (Hero Team)1:26
06Fighting Spirit No.1 (Victory Screen)0:09
07Invincible Blaze (Japan Team)1:33
08ALL OK! (Garou Team)1:36
09My Whip (Ikari Team)2:25
10THE QUEEN OF FIGHTERS (Women Fighters Team)1:50
11Nests, the Dark Dominion (Nests Team)3:28
12Nerichagi (Korea Team)2:19
13Fighting Spirit No.2 (Intrusion (HCC Screen))0:15
14HIT ME MORE! (Player Select (After Intrusion))0:39
15Extreme Fight (Ryuko Team)1:37
16Psycho Fellows (Psycho Team)3:13
17Immortal Sun (Iori Team)1:44
18Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Demo Ver1.0) (1st Demo)1:08
19Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Demo Ver2.0) (Before Mid Boss Demo)1:03
200 (Zero)3:36
21Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Demo Ver3.0) (After Mid Boss, Before Boss Demo)1:08
22I’m the Strongest! (Igniz)2:52
23Nests Restructuring Plan’s Theme (Demo Ver4.0) (After Boss Demo)1:12
24THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 Ending (Joy) (Ending Finale B Joy)2:48
25THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 Ending (Anger) (Ending Finale C Anger)3:10
26THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 Ending (Sad) (Ending Finale D Joy)1:51
27THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 Ending (Fun) (Ending Finale E Fun)2:49
28Fighting Spirit No.3 (Continue ~ Game Over)0:27
29THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 Staff Roll BGM (Staff Roll)2:22

Disc length 49:29

012002 (Title)0:42
022002 [30sec] (30sec Title)0:31
03How to play (Control Explanation)1:37
04Select (Player Select)0:48
05Let’s Go to Seoul! (Kim [Fatal Fury 2])2:47
06Winner (Victory Demo)0:07
07Progress (Korea Stage)3:24
08KD0084 (Hero Team 2000)3:39
09ESAKA (Kyo 98)3:23
10J (Japan Stage)3:01
11KD-0079 (Team 99)3:00
12Deserted Town (Kampuchea Stage)3:53
13Diet (Women Fighters Team)2:28
14Bloody (New Face Team 98)3:26
15the Netherlands (Holland Stage)3:29
16Psycho Soldier (Psycho Soldier Team)2:21
17Red Wind (China Stage)2:19
18JUNGLE BOUNCER (Ikari Team)3:26
19Kurikinton (Garou Team)2:20
20NAPOLITAN TRANCE (Italia Stage)2:39
21Beauty & the Beast (Ryuko Team)3:21
22TACOS DANCE (Mexico Stage)2:38
23Time of Temptation (Team 97)2:19
24Medley Violent Fire, Lightning, and Earth (Ura-Orochi Team 98)3:08
25Tears (Kyo 99)3:47
26Stormy Saxophone 2 (Iori 96)3:34
27Challenger (Intrusion)0:06
28Revival (Rugal Entry Demo)0:20
29Last Dance (Boss Stage)4:18
30at Last (Rugal Defeat Demo ~ Ending)0:28
31Festive mood (Staff Roll)3:50
32Continue (Continue ~ Game Over)0:12

Disc length 77:21

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