Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack

ゼルダの伝説 夢をみる島 オリジナルサウンドトラック
Zelda no Densetsu: Yume wo Miru Shima Original Soundtrack

Release DateMar 18, 2020
ComposersMinako Hamano, Kozue Ishikawa, Kazumi Totaka, Ryo Nagamatsu, Koji Kondo, Soyo Oka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
PlatformsNintendo Switch
ProductsThe Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


01Title (Opening Version)1:22
02Name Entry1:16
03Waking Up at Talin’s House1:05
04First Search2:36
06Get Sword Fanfare0:09
07Field (First Time)1:46
08Field (Normal)1:46
09Mabe Village5:01
10Mysterious Forest1:40
11Guardian Acorn0:25
12Shop (Items, Witch)0:57
13Fairy Spring0:25
14Game Shop0:45
15Fishing Game1:08
16Fishing Game Hit0:36
17Inside a House1:15
18Ballad of the Wind Fish (Marin’s Version)1:21
20Level 1 – Tail Cave3:14
22Mini Boss Battle0:42
23Boss Battle2:20
24Boss Battle Victory – Get Heart0:51
25Siren’s Instrument Fanfare0:11
26Siren’s Instrument – Full Moon Cello0:15
27Rescue Bow Wow Mission0:34
28Mr. Write’s House0:26
29Telephone Booth0:43
30Level 2 – Bottle Grotto2:13
31Siren’s Instrument – Conch Horn0:11
32Mad Batter’s Lair0:57
33Richard’s Villa1:27
34Kiki’s Gratitude0:18
35Dungeon – Kanalet Castle0:43
36Seashell Mansion1:06
37Level 3 – Key Cave3:02
38Siren’s Instrument – Sea Lily’s Bell0:11
39Tarin Chased by Bees0:16
40Animal Village0:35
41Christine’s House1:14
42Dream Shrine ~ Entrance0:30
43Dream Shrine ~ Sleep0:12
44Dream Shrine1:21
45Marin on the Beach0:08
46Ballad of the Wind Fish (Shore Version)2:53
47Field (With Marin Version) (First Time)1:41
48Field (With Marin Version) (Normal)1:41
49Mysterious Forest (With Marin Version)1:42
50Tal Tal Heights (With Marin Version)3:18
51Ballad of the Wind Fish (Move Walrus Version)0:22
52Ballad of the Wind Fish (Ocarina Practice Version)0:41
53Tal Tal Heights4:57
54Angler’s Tunnel Opens0:13
55Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel3:24
56Siren’s Instrument – Surf Harp0:12
57Manbo’s Mambo0:32
58House by the Cove2:13
59Fisherman Under the Bridge0:48
60Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw2:20
61Prelude to Defeat0:19
62Siren’s Instrument – Wind Marimba0:10
63The Frog’s Song of Soul0:30

Disc length 78:19

01Southern Face Shrine2:15
02Level 6 – Face Shrine3:37
03Siren’s Instrument – Coral Triangle0:12
04Color Dungeon4:48
05Resurrect the Rooster0:22
06Cucco House1:19
07Tal Tal Heights (Second Half Version)5:17
08Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower3:39
09Boss Battle (Eagle’s Tower Version)2:42
10Siren’s Instrument – Organ of Evening Calm0:15
11Turtle Rock Battle1:14
12Level 8 – Turtle Rock2:45
13Siren’s Instrument – Thunder Drum0:08
14Rapids Ride0:58
15Rapids Ride – Time Attack1:21
16Ballad of the Wind Fish (Instruments Version)4:15
17Owl (Wind Fish’s Egg Version)0:48
18Wind Fish’s Egg3:13
19Shadows Battle – Omen1:27
20Shadows Appear ~ Battle3:13
21Shadow Battle – Final Form1:40
22Shadow Battle Victory0:43
24The Wind Fish Appears1:12
25Koholint Island Disappears0:47
26Ending~Staff Roll4:38
27Game Over0:45
28Title (No Intro Version)0:37
29Ocarina (I Don’t Remember Anything)0:06
30Ocarina (Ballad of the Wind Fish)0:07
31Ocarina (Manbo’s Mambo)0:06
32Ocarina (The Frog’s Song of Soul)0:07
33Dampé’s House0:34
34Chamber Dungeon – Edit Mode2:02
35Chamber Dungeon – Beginner2:12
36Chamber Dungeon – Intermediate2:12
37Chamber Dungeon – Advanced2:13
38Chamber Dungeon – Shadow Link Battle0:51
39Chamber Dungeon Results0:44
40Puzzle Solved Jingle0:06
41Get Item Fanfare0:06
42Get Item Fanfare (Secret Seashell Version)0:06
43Get Important Item Fanfare0:06
44Get Important Item Fanfare (Golden Leaf Version)0:06
45Get Important Item Fanfare (Ocarina Version)0:08
46Enter Name – Hidden BGM “Totakeke”0:47
47Enter Name – Hidden BGM “Marin”0:37
48Enter Name – Hidden BGM “Zelda”0:42
49Richard’s Villa – Hidden BGM0:13
50Title (With Intro Version)0:46
51Ballad of the Wind Fish (TV Commercial Version)1:19

Disc length 71:13

02Title (Opening Version)1:13
03Name Entry0:23
04Waking Up at Talin’s House0:36
05First Search1:19
07Get Sword Fanfare0:07
08Field (First Time)1:33
09Field (Normal)1:33
10Mabe Village0:53
11Mysterious Forest1:40
12Guardian Acorn0:23
13Shop (Items, Witch)0:35
14Fairy Spring0:27
15Game Shop0:41
16Inside a House1:14
17Ballad of the Wind Fish (Marin’s Version)1:22
19Level 1 – Tail Cave3:11
21Mini Boss Battle0:29
22Boss Battle0:40
23Boss Battle Victory – Get Heart0:24
24Siren’s Instrument Fanfare0:09
25Siren’s Instrument – Full Moon Cello0:11
26Rescue Bow Wow Mission0:32
27Mr. Write’s House0:24
28Telephone Booth0:42
29Level 2 – Bottle Grotto2:01
30Siren’s Instrument – Conch Horn0:09
31Richard’s Villa0:49
32Kiki’s Gratitude0:16
33Dungeon – Kanalet Castle0:42
34Level 3 – Key Cave1:30
35Siren’s Instrument – Sea Lily’s Bell0:07
36Tarin, Chased by Bees0:14
37Animal Village0:32
38Christine’s House0:32
39Dream Shrine ~ Entrance0:27
40Dream Shrine ~ Sleep0:08
41Dream Shrine0:44
42Marin on the Beach0:06
43Ballad of the Wind Fish (Shore Version)1:31
44Ballad of the Wind Fish (Ocarina Practice Version)1:17
45Tal Tal Heights3:04
46Angler’s Tunnel Opens0:11
47Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel0:37
48Siren’s Instrument – Surf Harp0:10
49Manbo’s Mambo0:27
50House by the Cove1:09
51Fisherman Under the Bridge0:47
52Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw2:05
53Prelude to Defeat0:21
54Siren’s Instrument – Wind Marimba0:07
55The Frog’s Song of Soul0:28

Disc length 43:13

01Southern Face Shrine1:19
02Level 6 – Face Shrine1:51
03Siren’s Instrument – Coral Triangle0:09
04Color Dungeon2:28
05Resurrect the Rooster0:24
06Cucco House0:45
07Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower3:40
08Boss Battle (Eagle’s Tower Version)0:50
09Siren’s Instrument – Organ of Evening Calm0:10
10Turtle Rock Battle0:47
11Level 8 – Turtle Rock1:25
12Siren’s Instrument – Thunder Drum0:06
13Rapids Ride0:59
14Ballad of the Wind Fish (Instruments Version)4:00
15Wind Fish’s Egg3:53
16Shadows Battle – Omen0:27
17Shadows Appear ~ Battle3:58
18Shadow Battle Victory0:32
20Koholint Island Disappears0:40
21Ending~Staff Roll3:02
22Ending~Staff Roll (DX Version)3:19
23Game Over0:44
24Title (No Intro Version)0:39
25Ocarina (I Don’t Remember Anything)0:06
26Ocarina (Ballad of the Wind Fish)0:06
27Ocarina (Manbo’s Mambo)0:06
28Ocarina (The Frog’s Song of Soul)0:06
29Puzzle Solved Jingle0:06
30Get Item Fanfare0:07
31Get Important Item Fanfare0:06
32Get Level 2 Sword0:36
33Enter Name – Hidden BGM “Totakeke”0:45
34Enter Name – Hidden BGM “Zelda”0:41
35Richard’s Villa – Hidden BGM0:15
36Title (With Intro Version)0:47

Disc length 40:25

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