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TIME CRISIS II Arcade Soundtrack 016

タイムクライシス2 アーケードサウンドトラック 016

Release DateSep 18, 1998
ComposersKazuhiro Nakamura
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byWonder Spirits (distributed by Pony Canyon)
PlatformsArcadePlayStation 2
ProductsTime Crisis 2


01Main Title1:25
022nd Theme from Time Crisis ‘Again’1:37
03Behind Closed Door0:51
04Street Fight3:41
05To the River…0:44
06Chase on Water1:52
07Getting New Information0:30
08Chase on Chase1:09
09Deadly Fight4:04
10With a Tension ‘Again’1:17
11Fight on Train2:10
12Count Down for Launching Sattelite1:01
13Rumbling of the Earth4:03
14Wild Dog’s Rage1:40
15General Diaz2:13
16Mission Completed0:10
17Good Night: Theme from Sunrise/Sunset1:21
18End Title1:24

Disc length 31:12

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