Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Valkyrie Profile Original Sound Track

Release DateDecember 22, 1999
ComposersMotoi Sakuraba
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byfirst smile (distributed by Pony Canyon)
PlatformsPlayStation 2
ProductsValkyrie Profile


01Epic Poem to Sacred Death3:15
02Take a flight1:18
03To the Impure Land1:47
05Requiem to a Predicament0:31
06All Becomes Twilight1:50
07Prosperity’s Compensation, and Introduction1:35
08In Water, Air and Light1:31
09The Road to Glory and Prosperity2:14
10When a Person Is No Longer a Person1:36
11Soon Visiting Shadow and Light2:28
12Emotional upset1:10
13Turn over a new leaf0:55
14Unconfirmed God Fighting Syndrome1:44
15The Key to Lauded Victories0:26
16Sky Gate1:51
17False Self-Recognition0:38
18Distortions in the Bottom of Hell1:53
19Confidence in the domination1:21
21Blameless Thoughts2:18
22Ancient Fantasies Eternal1:32
23Eternal Hydrogen Anxieties1:45
24Evil Tales and Obligations1:26
25Clouds of Spray1:36
26Gathering Darkness in the Yet Unseen Devil1:38
27Hopeless Resolution1:55
28Outline of the Evil Advent Chain1:50
29Oblivion’s Joy2:02
30His Name Is Fear1:43
31Constructor, There Was Light1:57
32Derivation towards Chaos1:44
33An illusion of the brainstem1:40
34Hard Chain Reaction2:01

Disc length 54:53

01Ray of Darkness, Ray of Light2:00
02Sudden Decrease in Vitality1:55
03And Then, To the End of the Spiral1:40
04Rise above the world1:29
05Eternal Engine of Linguistic Massacre0:57
06Towards the Negative Unsubconsciousness1:38
07Circulate on a windup doll1:05
08Deceit in the Eyes’ Reflection1:43
09An inscription on a tombstone1:44
10Eternal Spirits Arise1:10
11Unstable Balance1:22
12Recurrent Shudder Category1:47
13Evil in Heads, Holyness in Tails1:34
14To the last drop of my blood1:50
15Jest in truth1:32
16To the Land Over There1:32
17A Hollow Heart1:12
18A tense atmosphere1:18
19A clash of personalities0:33
20Weeping Lilies1:40
22The Crumbling Id1:16
23Thin Haze2:09
24Behave irrationally1:15
25A Speck of the Heart1:29
26The first unison1:49
27Systematic Enemy1:13
28Vestigial Dream1:36
29Break down1:14
30The neverending cycle of reincarnation1:43
31Turn over a new leaf (rhythm ver.)0:53
32The true nature of all1:11
33Seems I Could Get Used to Happiness.3:32
34Fantasy and Reality Intermingled1:02
35Mission to the deep space3:01
36Beast of prey1:30
38The Climax of the tower1:17
39The incarnation of devil1:43
40Mighty blow1:24
41Nostalgia Into Hope1:42

Disc length 63:46

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