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Youkai Watch Original Soundtrack

Release DateDec 17, 2014
ComposersKenichiro Saigo, Tomoki Kikuya
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byFRAME
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsYo-kai Watch


01Youkai Watch Theme1:48
02The Extraordinary Youkai Watch1:34
03Let’s Decide on the Name!1:11
04Sakura New Town1:54
05Oomori Mountain2:17
06Dandan Slope2:12
07Sakura Central City1:52
08Otsukai Alley2:02
09Soyokaze Hills2:17
10Sleeping Town1:59
11Going with a Bicycle!2:36
12Oni Time – Tiptoeing1:43
13Oni Time – Fleeing1:26
14Fun Summer Festival1:24
15A Little Suspicious Place2:10
16A Considerably Suspicious Place2:39
17It’s the Spirit World♪1:00
18Infinite Hell2:15
19vs Youkai2:05
20vs Weird Youkai2:45
21vs Strong Youkai1:48
22vs Spirit World Chairman Ikakamone Soukamone2:21
23Last Battle – Prepare Yourself!!!3:24
26Keita’s House2:04
27Fumi’s House2:22
28A Place of Leisure2:05
29Lively Store1:16
30Shopping in Yorozu Mart1:52
31Let’s Play Hide and Seek!1:36
32Ignorant Guys1:52
33A Little Mischief1:18
36Oboro Nyuudou Appears!0:37
37Time to Chill2:08
38Motemoten’s Clumsy Piano Performance0:56
39Motemoten’s Skillful Piano Performance0:24
40Dancing Pair0:18

Disc length 72:08

01Youkai Butler Whisper’s Theme2:39
02A Sad Story2:44
03Something Might Happen…1:51
04Furthermore, Something Might Happen…2:24
05Hail, Hail!1:42
06The Premonition of a Goodbye1:55
07Goodbye Whisper2:33
08Let’s Decide on the Name! -2-1:36
09Sakura Residential Area2:05
10Oomori Mountain -Past-1:15
12Kemamoto Station1:24
13Kemamoto Village1:38
14Kemamoto Village -Past-2:10
15Nagisaki Village2:01
16Sakura EX Tree1:20
17Watching from the Skies Above1:35
18Mysterious Night2:06
19vs Youkai -2-2:03
21The Great Battle at the Hiragama Plain!!2:41
22vs Japanese-style Youkai1:48
23vs Tokio Ubaune2:51
24vs Subete Ubaune3:52
25Victory!! -2-1:14
26The Fox’s Wedding2:15
27Youkai Night Parade2:15
287-person Misaki1:57
29Dorian Satou’s Dancing Night Carnival2:14
30En’en Tunnel2:34
31En’en Tunnel – Awa Dance0:28
32The Disappearance of Youkai Watch0:51
33Encountering with Whisper0:44
34Truck Challenger Youkai Jibanyan0:32
35Youkai Medal Set On!0:20
36Gashadokuro Appears0:17
37Oni Time Start!0:23
38Successfully Escaping from Oni Time!0:33
39Tokio Ubaune Awakens0:35
40Subete Ubaune Appears!! 10:18
41Subete Ubaune Appears!! 21:54
42Glittering Sakuramachi1:26
43Take Care, Grandpa 11:21
44Take Care, Grandpa 20:44

Disc length 72:51

01Relaxingly Carefree Afternoon1:31
02Sakuramachi A2:07
03Sakuramachi B1:48
04Peaceful Scenery2:29
05Comedic Situation1:07
06Tragic Situation0:56
07Sorrowfully Alone…1:44
08Youkai Butler Whisper’s Theme -Serious Edition-1:49
09An Incident Occurs!!1:56
10Ignorant Youkai Appears1:05
11Cute Youkai Appears1:05
12Sexy Youkai Appears1:06
13Mysterious Youkai Appears1:26
14Eerie Youkai Appears1:20
15Rough Youkai Appears1:59
16Japanese-style Youkai Appears1:06
17Uncomfortable Feeling…1:55
18Exploration – Searching for Youkais1:19
20From Afar, A Japanese Orchestra Can Be Heard1:30
21Keita’s Delight1:14
22Keita’s Great Activity!1:11
23Deep Sorrow2:03
24Gentle Excitement2:03
25Emotional Scene1:10
26Are You Outside!? Finishing Blow!1:33
27Run Away~!!1:04
28Teketen Youkai Dance1:17
29Komasan Goes to the City0:24
30Komasan’s Great Success0:57
31Messenger from the Future Robonyan Arrives1:08
32Jinmnken’s Great Escape1:51
33Jinmenken and His Partner Sam1:31
34Stylish~ Theme1:24
35Don’t Go M-I-S-S0:55
36Comedy Time1:33
37Howling at the Sun! Theme1:02
38The Detectives are Deployed…1:17
39Rimokonkakushi Dance1:07
40Okanenaider’s Theme1:21
41Professor Lencon Theme1:27
42The Wandering Orochi’s Theme1:42
43Youkai Tactician Whisbei’s Theme1:27
44Sawayama Castle Castletown2:25
45Ishida Mitsunari Appears!1:28
46Farewell, Mitsunari-sama1:43
47-Staff Roll-4:13
48The Laughter Medley3:04

Disc length 74:52

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